40 Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad – Well, Hyderabad has a lot more to it than meets the eye. interesting facts about hyderabad will change your perspective about Hyderabad.

Here are Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad that’ll make you curious and say to yourself ‘I didn’t know that!’.

1. Often referred to as the City of Pearls – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the chief producers of natural pearls and is also a major contributor of diamond trade, hence is referred as the City of Pearls.


2) Home of Haleem – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Haleem was introduced by the the community of Chaush predominantly living around Barkas, in Hyderabad. Chaush, the always-lungi-clad men are the Arab/yemeni descent settlers, who were the trusted guards of the ruler the Nizam of Hyderabad.


3)Once Richest Person ruled here, 5th alltime richest. – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

During his rule the nizam Osman Ali Khan was the richest peron on planet earth and 5th all time richest human being that ever passed this world. He was so rich that he used the jacob diamond as paperweight worth £50 million. He is considered as the all time richest Indian ever. The last Nizam of Hyderabad was filthy rich. He was on time magazine for this distinction. Yet he is frugal, never spent money on personal grooming and would even borrow cigerette.


4) Biggest monolithic Buddha statue – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hyderabad boasts of the biggest monolithic buddha statue in the world. It is a statue of imposing height of 18 m and weight around 450 tons, this breathtaking statue of Buddha is his biggest single rock statue in the world. Sculpted by 200 sculptors for duration of two years in adjacent nalgonda district. This statue while transportation capsized and sank, after couple of years it was retrieved and erected with great expense and diffculty.

hyderabad-4th-populour-city –
5) 4th most populous city of India – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

With the population of about 6.8 million, this city is ranked 4th among the most populous cities in India. people from north or south or east or west can survive easily because here they know Hindi and English other than regional language. This was possible because of Hyderabadis who are welcoming and accommodating.


6. Hyderabadi invented world famous Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is a dish invented during Nizam period and is made with rice, spices and chicken or goat. It is mainly of two types, raw and cooked. There are around 140 varieties of Hyderabadi Biryani. Hyderabad’s most famous meat-and-rice dish, it is said that the Nizams served some 26 varieties of biryanis for their guests at any given time.

The most famous being. The traditional Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani, Hyderabadi lamb Biryani, Kachche- gosht ki biriyani , Hyderabad Zafrani Biryani and Kheeme ki khichidi. Another fact is that, almost 90% of hotels in hyderabad serve this dish, if the rest 10% would be considered as only vegetarian serving hotels.


7. 2nd biggest IMAX 3D screen in world – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

To give the best 3D experience, it has the only true 3D screen in India. the Prasads IMAX theater has the 2nd biggest 3D screen in the world with a The screen is 72-foot high, 95-foot wide and a 12,000-watt sound system to add the punch. With the seating capacity of around 635, it’s a must visit place in Hyderabad. .The Prasads IMAX theater made its name by being the most attended screen in the world for major blockbusters such as The Harry Potter and Spider-Man films, Over 60 lakh people and over 2 lakh children have visited Prasads IMAX. The Prasads IMAX theatre in Hyderabad had the world’s largest screen though this honour is taken by other cities as well, which are Melbourne (Australia) and Vancouver (Canada); they have the same sizes and digital technology.

Prasads, with its IMAX and 5 other regular screens, is amongst the top multiplexes in the country.


8. Kohinoor has its origin here – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Now the british crown jewel Kohinoor, a 105 carat priceless diamond is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world is mined here. It was taken by the Britishers after defeating the sikh ruler. The Koh-i-Noor (the “Mountain of Light”) , which was once the largest known diamond in the world was originally mined in Kollur mines of andhra and then had its way to golconda fort and then kept in a vault in golconda fort. Golconda is famous for producing some of the world’s most valued diamonds like the Hope diamond and the Darya-i-noor and golconda was only known source of diamonds till late 1900 when diamonds started being discovered in african continent.


9. Flourishing IT center – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Often referred as the Hi-Tech city, Hyderabad is one of most rapid growing IT cities in India.Hyderabad is home to many Fortune 500 Corporations, with majority related to IT or BPO services industry. Microsoft (the largest R&D campus outside the US), Facebook, Computer Associates, Amazon, GE, IBM, AMD, Accenture, Google, Motorola, SAP AG, DuPont, Deloitte, Oracle Corporation, Dell, Franklin Templeton, Qualcomm, Agilent, ADP, UBS AG, Rockwell Collins, Bank of America, CSC, Verizon, Convergys, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Virtusa, Amazon, Honeywell are some the Fortune 500 companies that have a significant presence in Hyderabad. You name it they have a presence in Hyderabad.


10. Convention Capital of India – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Best convention center in India, India’s largest and the most technologically advanced convention facility. Whether it’s an event, exhibition or conference, the HICC / HITEX convention center provides with the best facilities in the country with 5,000 seating capacity and 291,000 square foot area, it is India’s largest and the most technologically advanced convention facility. It is an integrated facility with a 287-room-capacity business hotel, Novotel Hyderabad, covering 15 acres. Hitex- Hyderabad International Convention Center, Constructed by Emaar MGF of India owned by United Arab Emirates. with 5,000 seating capacity and 291,000 square foot area, it is India’s largest and the most technologically advanced convention facility.


11. Tollywood is 2nd largest film industry in India – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

After Hindi film industry i.e. Bollywood, the Telgu film industry i.e. Tollywood is 2nd largest film industry in India with around 250 million turnover.


12. City of artificial lakes – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Lakes such as Hussain Sagar, Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar are the most popular among the 140 lakes in Hyderabad mainly due to dams on river Musi.


13. Holds the biggest film studio – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

The Ramoji Film City is considered to be the biggest film studio complex in the world with a massive area of around 2000 acres. Started in 1996. Not many know that this place was built on Nizam war grounds and is believed to be haunted. Every year, The world’s biggest film studio complex ‘Ramoji Film City’ is termed as India’s Hollywood, while some term it as a ‘Dream Factory’, ‘Film Makers Paradise’, ‘One of the Seven Wonders of Hyderabad’. The Ramoji Film City (RFC), established by the Ramoji Group amid the alluring grandeur of nature is the world’s largest and integrated film studio complex and one of Asia’s most popular tourism and recreation centres. Over a million tourists go to the RFC to revel in the rejuvenating fantasies of a dream world. The famous saying goes that ‘Walk in with a script and walk out with a canned film’ is the credo of the RFC.


14. Tennis star Sania Mirza is Hyderabadi – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Sania Mirza, one of the most popular tennis players, is from here and is currently world No. 1 in women’s doubles player with 3 grand slam titles.


15.  Hometown of Microsoft CEO – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Not many know that Satya Nadella is a Hyderabadi, Born and bought up in Hyderabad. Satya Nadella was born on August 19, 1967 in Hyderabad.


16. Charminar truly represents Hyderabad – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Constructed way back in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah certainly symbolizes this city. With the height of 56m surrounded by 4 minarets or towers, the Charminar is a must watch place in the city. Charminar was built to honor a promise Quli Qutb Shah made to the almighty Allah. It was in fact, built to mark the end of the devastating plague in the city. You can also find a cat shape design in btween the floral patterns.


17. Elite Education centre, Producing Engineers! – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is well known of its educational infrastructure. Around 350 engineering colleges are located in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts, Hyderabad has most number of engineering colleges in a city in India. Some of the renowned colleges are BITS Pilani, Osmania University, IIT Hyderabad etc. Hyderabad is one of the elite cities in India, which has a top business school like Indian School of Business and top technology institutes like IIT, IIIT, and BITS.


18. Heaven for retail beginners – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is certainly the most appropriate place to start a retail business or mall in India. It has the most sale producing malls compared to any other city in India, thus is a you can witness India’s biggest malls here.


19. Osmania University is 7th oldest university in India – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Established in 1918 by Osman Ali Khan, this is a historic university with around 17,000 admissions in all courses. The main campus is spread across 700 acres of land which is a unique for any university in india.


20. Hyderabad is too old! – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Too old!Hyderabad is considered as one of the oldest rock formations on the planet, around 2500 million years old.
Hyderabad sits nestled amongst one of the oldest rock formations of the world, which are 2500 million years old.


21. Originator of Irani Chai – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

The people in Old City start their day with cups of Irani Chai in the morning. The variants of Irani Chai including Khade Chammach ki Chai and Burkhe Wali Chai are unique to Hyderabad. Irani Chai is actually a Persian brand of tea. If biryaani would be the national dish then this would be the national snack of Hyderabad. There are many delicious combinations in the world and Irani chai with Osmnia Biscuits is one of them. These come with “TRY ONCE AND GET ADDICTED FOREVER” scheme and are best when you are tired of your work and want to refresh yourselves. We spend 2,493 hours drinking tea in our lifetime. What is Coke to America, Irani chai is to Hyderabad. Hyderabad is synonymous with Hyderbadi Irani tea, locally called chai, thanks mainly to the Iranians who have set up tea cafes in almost each and every galli (by lane) of Hyderabad. These hotels act as a ideal place for business meetings.


22. Biggest snow theme park in the world – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a considerably warm place, thus creating a snow theme part here is a blissful delight. Snow World is a snow theme park covering an area of around 8000 sq mt and is the biggest one on the planet.


23. Lengthiest flyover in India – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

P V Narasimha Rao Elevated Expressway Corridor is the lengthiest flyover in India with a length of around 11.6 kms. It was made to form a straight link to the local airport.


24. 40 million yearly capacity airport – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport or Shamshabad Airport in Hyderabad is one of the most expensively built airports in India which facilitates around 40 million covering an area of around 22.25 sq km. The airport has won the distinction of best airport in world in its capacity segment.


25. The Largest Princely State of India – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hyderabad was India’s largest and richest princely state from 1724 to 1948. It existed as a state for 224 years. The last Nizam was the ruler of India’s largest princely state – the size of Scotland and England combined – and was the richest man in the world until he died, aged 80 in 1967.

26. Best museum in southern India – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

The SalarJung Museum is considered as the best museum in southern India. It has around 40,000 collections from all over world.

27. The State of Hyderabad – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Yes, Till 1956 the city of Hyderabad was part of the Hyderabad State, which consisted of portions of Telangana, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The state was under the rule of Nizams of Hyderabad till 1948, when Sardar Patel used operation Polo to unite it with India using Indian Army. After their era it remained as a state in the Union of India. The state was dissolved in 1956 after the formation of Andhra Pradesh State.

28. South india’s Rastrapathi Nilayam – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hyderabad has one of the two official retreats for the President of India and each year the President spends time here doing his official work at Rastrapathi Nilayam during winter when Delhi becomes real cold. Bolarum has the Rashtrapati Nilayam, equivalent of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, serving as the official residence of the President, whenever he visits the South.


29.  Rare Chitragupta Temple: – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

According to Hindu mythology, Chitragupta is the prime associate of the god of death Yama and is assigned with the task of keeping records of an individual’s good and bad deeds to determine their afterlife. There aren’t many temples on his name as he is not considered as god. This rare temple Chitragupta Mahadeva Devalayam, is found in Chatrinaka, inside the Old City complex of Hyderabad.


30.  Highest Teledensity in India – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is India’s most connected city with the highest Tele-density.

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31. Hyderabad had its own currency

Did you know that Hyderabad used to have its own currency being in indian union? The Hyderabadi Rupee was the currency of the Hyderabad State from 1918 to 1959. It coexisted with the Indian rupee from 1950. Like the Indian rupee, it was divided into 16 annas, each of 12 pai. Coins were issued in copper (later bronze) for denominations of 1 and 2 pai and ½ anna, in cupro-nickel (later bronze) for 1 anna and in silver for 2, 4 and 8 annas and 1 rupee. Hyderabad was the only Indian princely state that was permitted to continue issuing its own notes after joining the Dominion of India in 1948 and the Republic of India in 1950.


32. The Clock at Chowmahalla Palace – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

The clock above the main gate to Chowmahalla Palace is affectionately called as Khilwat Clock. It has been ticking away for around 250 years. An expert family of clock repairers winds the mechanical clock every week. The people of the locality wait for its chimes and correct their own watches by the accuracy of this clock’s timing.


33. Inside The Golconda Fort There Is An 800 Years Old Tree – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Golconda Fort is an oft visited attraction in Hyderabad, but how many knew that there exists a 800 years old tree inside? This tree is about 80 feet in circumference and can accommodate up to 12 people in the hollow in the middle. ocated inside the Naya Qila, this is the oldest, biggest and rarely seen baobab tree in India. With a circumference of over 25 meters, it is called ‘hathiyan ka jhad’ or ‘elephant tree’ by the locals for its sheer size.It is believed that the tree was once home to 40 thieves! They used to hide inside the enormous trunk of the tree at daytime and come out at night to do plundering. Interestingly, the tree was such a good hideout that the thieves remained safe for years.


34.  Iranian city of Isfahan is the Inspiration behind Hyderabad city. – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hyderabad city was developed by Quli Qutub Shah, and was patterned after the Iranian city of Isfahan.


35. Hazrat Hussain shah Wali built the artificial lake of Hussain Sagar. – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Hussain Sagar gets it’s name from Hazrat Hussain Shah Wali, a renowned Sufi saint of Golkonda in the 16th century, who also built it for the city’s water needs


36. Malaria was Tackled from here – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Sir Ronald Ross discovered the cause of malaria, during his work at the Begumpet general hospital in 1897. You can find the building still behind Hotel Manohar in the lane of family world at begumpet.


37. Princess Niloufer Served as Nurse in World War II. – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Niloufer Hospital was built on the request of Princess Niloufer, daughter in law of the last Nizam, she wanted a medical center that would take care of women in their pregnancy and childbirth stage. Niloufer incidentally was one of the last princesses of the Ottoman dynasty. She had also worked as a nurse during WWII. The Nightingale of hyderabad.


38. Hyderabad has second Tallest National Flag. – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

The gigantic flag measures 108 by 72 feet.It is two feet short of being the tallest flag.The steel pipes used to construct the country’s tallest flag post were specially ordered from Kolkata. Due to the huge size of the flag, the flag was unfurled with the help of a motorized mechanism.The flag weighs over 65 kilos.The Telangana government spent close to Rs 3 Crore.


39. Best Liveable City in India: – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

According to mercer rankings Hyderabad is the best city in India to live against most perceived notions of mumbai, Bengaluru. Lonely Planet ranked Hyderabad as the 3rd best city in the world for tourism.


40. Genome capital of India. – Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

Also known as the “Genome Valley of India”, the capital of newly formed Telangana has come to be recognized as the hub for pharmaceutical industry in the world. Hyderabad is the Pharma capital of India with about 40% of the world’s total production. The Genome Valley in Hyderabad is India’s largest biotech cluster housing over 200 life sciences companies. Hyderabad is called the Bulk drug Capital of India, with nearly one third of India’s total bulk drug production. Hyderabad is also called the Seed Capital of India.