Airport Authorities Remove Surveillance Cameras at Customs Checkpoint and Facilitate Corruption

Hyderabad International Airport Authorities removed surveillance cameras from customs Checkpoints in the airport terminal on demand of customs officials. Passengers felt very safe when the cameras were operating as the customs officials did not get any opportunity to fleece the passengers and were doing what was legally possible. The passengers were protected by the cameras as the customs officials did not fudge or manipulated the passengers to pay bribes. The passengers were have a good experience, but the airport authorities or customs higher officials gave into the demand of customs officials to remove the cameras and lo the customs officials are back to their old game of taking bribes said one passenger Mr. Srinivas who was carrying three coins of 8 grams gold each, he was carrying only 4 grams above the permissible gold, he was ready to pay the extra tax for this, the customs insisted he pay a bribe of Rs.2000/- or face legal actions.

When police and other legal enforcement agencies are enforcing cameras at each and every shop, business establishments for security reasons, why the aiport authorities are facilitating the corrupt customs officials. Protecting the passengers should be the priority, why its not, how come small business is forced to put surveillance cameras at his establishment. For these small business it is a huge expenditure but still they comply. Why cannot our Airport Authorities should continue cameras at customs check points, airports are supposed to have maximum security, why this laxity. The cameras would have been good security wise and also corruption control wise, why this discount to custom officials. There are many instances of passengers struggling to get legally valid goods out of airports, is this the customer service that RGIA and customs has got to offer the passengers.