How to Apply for Vehicle No Objection Certificate


How to Apply for Vehicle No Objection Certificate


  • Documents readiness


  • Signature from Gazette officer


  • Visit nearest E-Seva


  • Crime Branch Clearance


  • Traffic Police clearance


6 Fill Form 28  



  • Visit RTO


  • Collect NOC

Document Readiness

Following documents need to readied/in hand before submitting all the documents and form at RTO for NOC


  • Traffic clearance receipt
  • Crime branch clearance receipt
  • Insurance Copy of the car
  • Pollution certificate copy
  • Bank NOC ( In case the car EMI is still on)
  • Original RC of the car
  • ID proof
  • Form 28 ( Available online as well as at RTO’s) – 3 copies to be taken ( Rs.1/- each)

Signature from Gazette officer

  • Take a photocopy of RC (Front and Rear side)
  • Photocopy of PAN card
  • Visit a notary/gazette officer and get the photocopies signed & stamped


Visit nearest E-Seva


  • Stand at the appropriate counter for form collections and collect Form 28 forms ( In case you have not downloaded it online)
  • Go to the appropriate counter for NOC’s and request for car transfer NOC
  • Give them the following details – Car No., Residence address, Name of the owner so on so forth)
  • They will fill in these details in their system.
  • Please ask them to show the screen once to check for errors if any and then take the receipt from them.
  • Fees of Rs.100/- is charged. Pay the same and collect the receipt
  • This receipt needs to be handled safely


Crime Branch Clearance

  • Visit the Crime branch Head quarters in Hyderabad (Opposite AP assembly, closer to Nizam Club and Ravindra Barathi)
  • Take the gazetted office copy and the e-seva receipt to Crime branch office
  • Meet the concerned and ask for an application for car transfer. Fill the form and handover the following to them before 12:30 PM

– Filled up application form with your signature and contact details – Gazetted officer’s copy ( RC & PAN)


– E-seva slip/receipt

  • Note – Application of the spouse (In case the car is in spouse’s name, their signature needs to be taken on the application). Either bring them along to the branch or take the application home to get their signature.
  • They will ask you to come after 2 days and collect it at 3:00PM. If you can request them, you can always try to get it the next day.


Traffic Police clearance

  • Visit the Traffic police head querters in Hyderabad (Opposite AP assembly, closer to Nizam Club and Ravindra Barathi)
  • Letter to be penned down in the following format

-On a A4 paper addressed to DCP Traffic Police Hyderabad.

  • Subject – Traffic police clearance certificate for Car No. _______,
  • Movement from city A to city B

-Body of the letter to include your complete name, S/o or D/o Mr. So & So, Requesting transfer clearance certificate for the Car (Model No. & Registration No.) on the grounds of transfer from city A to city B

– Get the signature from traffic police person at this Traffic department office

  • Take the above signed letter to the computer section on the third floor and ask them for traffic clearance certificate
  • The person sitting over there will enter the car No. in his system and check for pending challans if any.
  • If you do not have any pending payments you will get a traffic clearance certificate immediately
  • If you have pending challans then he will give you a print out of the same, for which the dues need to be settled at e-seva
  • Show him the e-seva payment receipts to get traffic clearance certificate
  • This traffic clearance needs to be signed and stamped by the concerned
  • You need to sign on their register acknowledging the receipt of the certificate


Fill Form 28

  • 3 copies of Form 28 need to be taken from RTO ( Rs.1 per copy)
  • All particulars with respect to the car needs to be entered in Form 28
  • Impression of Chassis no. of the car should be taken on all the 3 forms by using a pencil


Visit RTO

  • Check whether all the original documents (RC, Pollution, Application with Chassis mark on it, Traffic clearance, Police clearance and Insurance copy) are ready
  • Take these documents and visit on time to the RTO where you got your registration done
  • Report early to collect the token No.
  • Original vehicle and chassis no. is checked by an employee. At time it is not done.
  • When turn comes, Photocopies have to submitted whereas in the case of RC, the original has to be submitted
  • Note down the time and date as to when they will issue the NOC
  • They will issue an acknowledgement/ receipt for the same


Collect NOC

  • Visit the RTO at the scheduled time
  • Present the acknowledgement/ receipt
  • Final NOC can be collected at the scheduled time by showing the receipt