Batrepalli Waterfalls

In Talupula Mandal near Kadiri of Anantapuram district the Batrepalli Waterfalls are located. They are open from September to December month. The falls are located in the midst of Several large hills in a reserved forest. The water falls starts to pass from the Mallalamma temple in the Nilgiri forest and joins the Batrepalli pond. The former Municipal councillor named K Rajasekhar from Kadiri says that the Batrepalli water proves a suitable picnic spot for four months in a year. There is a temple of lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy which is visited by his devotees in Kadiri. The waterfalls are located close to Kadapa district as well as Karnataka.

From Kadiri in Ananthapur district o Andhra Pradesh this waterfall is around 8 Kms on the way to Pulivendula. This waterfall is the seasonal waterfalls which comes alive during rainy season in the hills.

The waterfalls have height of 80 feet. This falls also comes on the way from Bengaluru to Kadapa and acts as a good resting point as well. It is a good place to spend time with family under waterfalls as it comes from above the rocks.