Burn Bay Leaves Benefits

Bay Leaves have anti-inflammatory and anti-Bacterial Properties which helps in medical healing. Usage of Bay leaves treats diabetes, reduces anxiety, Improves Dandruff Prevents, Insomnia etc.

There are different Names by different people of all over India as Tej Patta, Biryani Ella, Karuva ella, vashanayila or Ednailla and more. Burning of aby leaves has other benefits too like it helps to reduce anxiety when inhaled calms the body and mind. It acts as a anti inflammatory agent which can also be helpful for joints paints. Pinene, Cineol and elemicin are the chemicals present in bay leaves which fights feeling of tiredness.

In Religious places all over India aby leaves are burn to encourage mindful meditation. It also acts as a insect repellent while on burning it insects like cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Spider flies and many more insects find the smoke repelling. Bay leaves also called as Medicinal herb which can be used for as a cooking ingredient or only of medicinal purposes. If used as a ingredient it adds flavors, taste to food items.