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Charminar Images – Hyderabad – India

Charminar Images  Photos  free download, we have brought to you the soul of Hyderabad, which is charminar. Charminar Images for this website is representing the same soul of Hyderabad. Charminar Built in 1591 by the founder of Hyderabad Quli Qutub Shah in commemoration of end of plague in those days. He offered Namaz and prayed to allah for the end of plague at the same place where charminar stands today. He built the architecturally soothing monument with great dedication and care. He commissioned it as the first mosque of the newly founded Hyderabad, where on the topmost floor you can view the Mosque Area.

In this post we are representing architecture of the same in charminar images. You will by going through these photos the feel of the floral and geometrical  intricacies which go into beauty of the splendourous monument. I personally I am big fan of its splendour. As people often say seeing is believing, yes it is true to the core even with Charminar. Seeing is believing, so please go through these Chaminar Images and treat your eyes to the beauty of Charminar.

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Charminar Photos – Hyderabad – India


Charminar Photos – Hyderabad – India


Charminar Aerial View – Hyderabad – India

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Charminar images1

Charminar Mosque Area on Top

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The Central Dome of Charminar – Hyderabad India



Charminar Images- Charminar Entrance Tickets and other Information.



Charminar Images- The Fountain or the Wazukhana (Ablution) Area of the Charminar Monument.



Structure inside the Charminar MOnument.



View of the Charminar Fountain which is a Wazukhana for Namaz from the Top.


Charminar Image 21

Charminar Renovation work on Pillars by ASI


Charminar Image 221

The Balcony Aread Inside view of The Charminar Monument.

Charminar Image 213

Main Decorative Symbol of Charminar Monument

Charminar Image 215

View From Above  towards Charminar Ticketing Entrance.

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