Colours in Dreams

Dreams cant be captured or summarized they are subject to the filter of consciousness which makes them very difficult to study colours stimulated emotion in our waking state likewise colours also stimulate emotions in dreams. Every colour has its own meaning or story for each of us. Colours play a important role in our lives.

Robert Hoss has widely studied about the importance of colours in dreams and interpretations. Colours in dreams can have appear in your dreams Another aspect that may relate to colours in dreams is chakras, its from ancient tantric and Hindu tradition.

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Dreams are a way in Which god speaks to the dreamer its according to the biblical Jewish and Christian which is biblical meaning of colours in dreams. The colours in the dreams represents the peoples emotional state but also their personality traits.

The people who recall their colors in their dreams is only 25% of them. There are many floors of dreams but have their different meaning they are: –

Red : – The Red colour indicate something animated feeling the need to go out, having redness, burns or injury even anger.

Brown: Brown represents practicality

Burgundy:  It represents wealth and success

Cream : cream stands for acceptance

White: White stands for faith, hope purity, perfection, and confidence.

Black : It stands for fear, guilt depression, nothingness.

Maroon: Maroon stands for courage and strength.

Gold: Gold represents spiritual healing

Green : The colour represents wealth and success.

Purple: Purple relate to a teacher.

Peach : Peach stands for empathy.

Grey: Grey stands for lack of commitment or at a depressed state.

Navy Blue: it indicates lack of individuality.

Pink : pink stands for desire for unconditional love.

Orange : It stands for energy and ambitious.

Dark yellow represents clouded thinking

Light Yellow : enlightenment

Silver : A strong Instinct.