Fighting cybercrime an ongoing process, says DCP Rohini Priyadarshini

Police makes sure people are not fooled in digital world With cybercrime becoming a major issue for law enforcement agencies around the globe, the Cyberabad Police’s Crime Branch is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that citizens do not fall prey to fraudsters. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crimes) Rohini Priyadarshini tells Telangana Today that continuous campaigns to create awareness in citizens helps in prevention and reduction of cybercrime.Q) Why there is a steady rise in cybercrime?
A) Cybercrime is on the rise because of various factors. Most of us use electronic devices, phones for online transactions and net banking. We have become highly dependable on technology. It has its negative side alos. It is a little disturbing trend. We have to ensure we are not fooled in the digital world as fraudsters are also coming up with innovative ideas to commit frauds. We are focussing on better investigation, arrests and prevention.Q) Tell us about Cyber Mithra tool aimed at creating awareness?
A) We are planning to introduce special Cyber Mithra teams to create awareness on online frauds. It should be a continuous effort in dealing with cybercrime in a more aggressive manner. Hence we have decided to educate people from the grassroot level such as schools and colleges. We will now have special teams working on the ground to directly interact with people and educate them on various cybercrimes.Q) Despite police advisories, why job frauds and investment frauds are frequently reported?
A) Whenever you are offered a job, you need not pay money for it. Unfortunately, even educated and those placed in high positions too fall prey.

Q) Hyderabad police is planning to install 10 lakh cameras. What about Cyberabad?
A) We recently reached the one lakh mark. We are planning to reach two lakh cameras target in the next six months. Cameras help us not only in crime detection but also in maintenance of law and order. Surveillance cameras have helped police immensely in detection of sensational cases. It helps as deterrence to offenders. The community too should join the police in installing cameras for a safer city.