Fish Medicine in Hyderabad for Asthma Patients.

The bathini brothers have been administering fish medicine in hyderabad at Nampally exhibition grounds since many years. It is considered a good cure for asthma a respiratory disease, it is administered to people in form of holy food or said to be prasadm with some herbal paste which is a secret to the patient through a small murrel fish which is live and holds the medicine in it. It is supposed tobe swalloed without any water and nose closed. The Bathini brothers claim it cleans the passage of air and places the medicine around the throat till the stomach.

They been administering this medicine since 160 years, as is widely claimed. Further they say It is fine for non vegetarians as well as it is a medicine.

The Medicine is given on special occasion called Mrigishira Karthi Nakshatra, this day specially among hindu tradition fish is compulsorily consumed.

As claimed by the goud brothers that the medicine ingredients have to remain secret as it will effect the eficacy of the medicine otherwise.The medicine is administered only in Hyderabad at Exhibition grounds on specific dates.