Getting Around

Transport in Hyderabad

State Transport Bus TSRTC

Hyderabad TSRTC BusManaged by the TSRTC body, the city of Hyderabad is well connected by normal as well as luxury buses that take you to different parts of the city. Bus stops are present every two minutes walk in different areas of Hyderabad. You can find air-conditioned buses and normal buses spread throughout the city. Local buses and Metro Express and Metro Deluxe are also available, but can sometimes be crowded, if you want to avoid the crowding to a extent use the air conditioned buses which are normally not crowded. Bus lines are displayed in both languages with English being the one that is required. In case you want to understand or down to a specific location, you can check with the ticket controller.

MMTS Local Trains

Local train system of the city is also known as multimodal transport system (MMTS) is quite popular means of transport. It ply’s through the main two corridors of Hyderabad that is Falaknuma to Lingampally and other one from Nampally (Central Hyderabad) to lingampally, one more route from falaknuma to Nampally through Necklace Road. Besides being the fastest way to get to a place, it is also cheaper to travel by trains, fares start from 5 in normal compartment. You can see all their official program MMTS train website so that you are aware of routes and stations where you need to get on the train. Daily and monthly passes are also available to regulate suburban train to save on cost and time. Be sure to get into the right compartment designated as getting into women’s and Physically handicap compartments is strictly monitored.

Hyderabad is going to have the largest Metro Rail in few months, the first phase is going to inaugurated very Soon, we will update the details as we get it.

Auto Rickshaw / Three Wheeler / Tuk Tuk

hyderabad_auto[1]Your tagline to ask the rickshaw driver is ” Bhaiyya !! {Place} chaltey kya ?

This is a 3 wheeler scooter ideally to seat 3 people excluding the driver. Run throughout the city it is the best mode of transport in narrow bylanes. Less often you come across a rickshaw driver who would agree to charge according to the meter. You have to haggle with the driver for a particular rate. However, rickshaw drivers are well versed in the city streets and narrow streets. In addition, auto’s are cheaper mode compared to a taxi transportation.

TAXI / Radio Cab

olaIn case you want a private vehicle and escape the heat of summer, you can hire a prepaid taxi or a cab to get to their destination. You can always book a taxi from different companies like Meru Cabs, yellow taxi cab insurance, phone Cabs, Easy Cabs, Hyderabad Cabs, Dot Cabs, Ola Cabs, Uber taxis and more. This is the most comfortable mode of transport in the city.

Self Driven Cars

 Take cars from Hertz or carz on rent, you can get hatchbacks from them.

They give it to you on a full tank and you need to return it on a full tank.The Hatchback could be charged anything from INR 1500 per day with a limit of 150 km per day.In case you hire it for more than 3 days,then its unlimited mileage.The concept of self driven is still too novel in Hyderabad.

For security reason you need to give them a residence proof/ID Proof/License copy & imprint of the Credit card.

Check list for Self Drive
– go with one of the reputed rentals. The paper work has to be in place (car has to be registered correctly, and they have to give you documents showing it is eligible for self drive). The number plate too is different (yellow Plate with Black Numbers). Check for stepney, Dents damages, ON road support. Lot of things. Prefer a Chauffer driven car.

Carz on Rent Call center no.  – Call 24 hours 0888 222 2222