Hyderabad: Contemporary cuisine blended in old flavors

Musafir starts its first outlet in Hyderabad and is all set to serve interesting dishes picked from streets across the country,Musafir, a modern Indian kitchen with contemporary twists, has opened its outlet in Hyderabad at DSL Virtue Mall. After the inaugural of its outlet in Delhi, this start-up hospitality is now expanding its business to south India.

Coming from the makers of Imly, Too Indian and Duty-Free, this brand is scheduled to open seven more branches before the year ends, including Elante Chandigarh, Lucknow and Mumbai. The English pastel colour theme of the outlet makes it an attractive sight to behold.The outlet was inaugurated recently in a grand launch event in the presence of the hospitality team and PPZ team of the start-up. Offering a culinary experience of a lifetime for all food enthusiasts, the brand is dedicated to serve a wholesome gastronomical affair.

Some of the interesting offerings are Schezwan Vada Pav, Desi Chowmein, Pav Bhaji Fondue, and Baked Gulab Jamun.’Musafir’ is the thought of a chef who has put years of his travelling tales on the menu and is serving them through interesting dishes which he has picked from famous streets of India.

Varun Puri, the owner of Musafir, plans to open 50 Musafir outlets across India by 2020 as he feels people are ready to experiment and experience new cuisines/dishes now even in food court setups.