Hyderabad encounter: ‘Where was NHRC when victim’s family was wailing’

HYDERABAD: Following NHRC team’s meeting with the family, Disha’s neighbors asked why the officials did not speak about the case, before the encounter. The neighbors and friends had accompanied the immediate family for the meeting earlier in the day.
“We are not condemning the NHRC for conducting a probe into the encounter. We are just questioning where were they for 10 days before that. Why did they not think of issuing any statement on the incident till the encounter happened,” said a close friend of the family.
Echoing a similar sentiment, another neighbour said: “There was no word from NHRC when the family was grieving, right after Disha’s burnt body was found. They thought of flying into the city only after the encounter. Why is that?”
While her father refrained from sharing too many details, family friends part of the meeting said that NHRC team asked the family about veterinarian’s day-to-day routine. The victim’s younger sister was also asked about the last call that she made to her, they said.
“They asked the sister why she did not check on her or reach out for help when the veterinarian told her that she was scared to which the former said that she never anticipated that within minutes, her sister will be in such grave danger. Since Disha was on main road with streetlights, her sister never imagined anything like this would happen. Only after her phone was switched off, the sister panicked,” the family friend said.