Hyderabad India

Hyderabad India Facts

The city of Hyderabad India is spread 650 kilometers approximately 250 sq. miles on either side of musi river, thus making Hyderabad second largest city in India after Mumbai. The population of the city is about 70 lakhs or 7 million and total population when including the metropolitan area is 80 lakhs, which makes it the 4th largest population and India city agglomeration it comes 6th city. A recent survey by the state government which is called “samagra Kutumba Survery” on augus 19 2014 projects the hyderabadi population is over 120 lakhs or 12 million. The city is at the altitude of 543 meters approximately 1778 feet, the city terrain is hilly with artificial lakes spread across, which also includes the world famous Hussain Sagar which divides the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Hyderabad India is capital of newly founded state of Telangana (Telangana happens to be the second telugu speaking state as the other one is Andhra Pradesh, United prior to 2014), the city boasts of a cosmopolitan nature as you can find the hyderabadi diaspora is a complete blend of Indian and people from all over the world. Hyderabad has great tourists attractions to offer to tourists with different interests. The tourist could be one looking for great monumental experience or tourist who is looking for great culture and cuisine or to the tourist who is looking for complete spiritual experience. It pacifies your wander lusting spirits. The city of pearls as the city of hyderabad is fondly called has a great thriving market of pearls from all over the world and is particularly famous of laquer bangles and not to mention Hyderabdi Biryani.

charminar-hyderabadMuch of the culture and heritage that Hyderabad derives is from the bygone era of Nizams as it was the seating capital of Nizams Hyderabad dominion. You can find great architectural monuments like Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Falaknuma Palace, Chowmohalla Palace, Unani Hospital, Toli Masjid, High Court of Telangana, Osmania Hospital, Salar Jung Museum, Chiran Palace (KBR Park), Osmania University particularly Arts college Building and Hussain Sagar. You can find monuments from the present era such as Birla Mandir, Buddha Statue. For the tourist who holds a quenching for entertainment Hyderabad is home for the World Guinness Record holding largest studio Ramoji Film City which is built on a sprawling 1000 acre area, Birla Planetarium are few of the options apart from the other entertainment spots.

Andhra Meals Hyderabad

Hyderabad India is famous for delicious exotic cuisine, which has found place in every heart all over the world, Hyderabad distinguished cuisine has a great line up for the tourist who is looking for a delicious experience, the first and the foremost being Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, the delicious and mouth melting Hyderabadi Haleem which you will find specially in the muslim month of fasting the Ramazan, you can also taste kichdi, tala hua gosht with rotis, Margh, qubani a meetha (a Sweet Dish / dessert), variety is of kababs, tangdi kababs and chicken dishes (rumali or tandoori roti ideally with these kababs). You can have a great going with vegetarian cuisine of Hyderabad which is blend of andhra and Telangana food, which is called Andhra Meals, it is complete meal with a assortment of curries, pickles, rice and finally the curd, various south indian tiffins for breakfast like idly, dosa, vada, upma can be found in every nook and corner of Hyderabad.

banglesYou would be surprised the shopping experience which Hyderabad India has to offer from the very famous laad bazaar adjacent to Charminar, the pearl market at charminar, begum bazar near charminar, you will find all the great shopping malls lined up in major areas like abids, banjara hills, Punjagutta, Secunderabad parklane, ameerpet Jubilee hills, Madhapur with stocks of handicrafts, apparels, leather goods jewelry, pearls traditional crafts and antiques among the best.

There is great experience on the table for the tourist who is looking for nightlife the city has to offer, your experience will be scintillating as the range of options are cool and hep, you can hit the dance floor at many popular nightclubs or go and watch the nightshows at theatres spread across the city or go on a shopping stroll at charminar which is bustling even in nights till 1 pm and check for the sound and light show at charmianr. The pubs which city has to offer are kismet, T2, liquids, dublin and touch are the few among them.

Hyderabad Foundations

Hyderabad India, located along the banks of the Musi river a tributory of River Krishna in south India was founded by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, a feudatory of Bahmani Kingdom who later declared independence. He named this city as Hyderabad after the name of 4th caliph Ali (RA), who was also fondly called as Hyder and thus Hyderabad.

Pre Qutub Shahi Times of Hyderabad Region

Though Hyderabad was established 15th century, the area had been under the various chieftains and kingdoms, Culture flourished before the Maurya and Satavahana rule since megalithic age in the area where hyderabad stands today. There were Buddhist monasteries in the areas of prominence around Hyderabad. The Chalukya ended around 1200AD and Kakatiya took over the region, the power of Warangal, about 180 km from Hyderabad were busy with internal feuts between between various nayakas. Around 1320AD, Mohammad Bin Tughlaq of Delhi invaded Kakatiyas, which led to the Bahmani which operated from what is now Karnataka, slowly taking over the region, the fight against neighboring empires. For about 1450AD, which were undisputed masters.

The Bahmani and Qutub Shai Period of Hyderabad

The dynasty’s founder, Sultan Quli Qutb-ul-Mulk, migrated from Delhi to south, to serve the Bahmani sultan, Mohammad Shah. He built Golconda, Quli Qutb-ul-Malik operated from a fortress called Golconda the first settlement in Hyderabad region or power of seat for Hyderabad city before Hyderabad was founded, after the disintegration of the Bahmani Kingdom into the five Deccan sultanates he declared independence in 1518. Soon after, he declared independence from the Bahmani Sultanate, took the title Qutub Shah, and established the Qutb Shahi dynasty of Golconda.

Hyderabad-golconda-fortHis great great grandson Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah founded the proper city of Hyderabad in 1589-1594 south of the Musi River, 8 km from the Golconda Fort, and built a bridge over the river to connect the fortress of the city (now Purana Pul ). Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah called architects from Iran to lay out the city, which was built on a grid plan. Hyderabad was named as the City of Hyder (meaning lion in Arabic and persian) after the title of the Hazrat Ali (R.A) fourth Caliph of Muslims. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah also built Charminar Masjid in 1591 as a tribute to have divine help to prevent an epidemic. The huge structure with four minarets symbolizes Hyderabad in many places and publications,even today it is a must visit .  All iconic structures were built by qutub shahis during this period, which are Golconda Fort, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Hussain Sagar Lake, Purana Pul and others.
Flag of the Qutb Shahis

In fact, it is known that seven generations Qutb Shahi dynasty have done quite well in enriching the city eventually became its capital. The dynasty ruled Golconda/Hyderabad India for 171 years, until the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb conquered the Deccan in 1687 and put his governors to administer the region for four decades seemed neglect and ruin.

Hyderabad India The Short Mughal Period under Asaf Jahis Period – 1687 – 1724

aurangazeb the mughal king courtD

The replica of court of Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb at Dresden Germany.

During this period the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb Ruled Hyderabad India through Mir Qamar-ud-Din Siddiqi, a viceroy of the Deccan under the Mughal Empire from 1713 to 1721. He intermittently ruled after Aurangzeb’s death in 1707. In 1724, Mughal control lapsed, and Asaf Jah declared himself independent in Hyderabad India.

The ASAF Jahi Dynasty (Nizam of Hyderabad India)

nizam-time-magazineThe rule of the Nizams brought cultural and economic growth of the city of Hyderabad India. An example of the wealth of the city during Nizam rule are the jewels of the Nizams, which is an international tourist attraction which occasionally displayed in Salar Jung Museum. In 1948, the State of Hyderabad had an estimated $ 17 million (1.7 crore), and generated annual revenues of £ 90,029 million. The state had its own currency called Osmani Sikka until 1951. According to the list of all time Forbes Rich 2008, Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan is the fifth richest man in history, with an estimated value of US $ 211 billion, the then ruler Mir Osman Ali Khan had been the richest man in the world until the end of his reign. Chowmahalla Palace, Purani Haveli, King Kothi Palace, Hyderabad House in New Delhi, Mahboob Mansion, Falaknuma Palace, Bella Vista, Hill Fort Palace, Chiran Palace, Saifabad Palace, Khilwath palace building Madina, Assembly Telangana, Osmania General Hospital, Central Library , Arts College, City College, College Nizams, the Superior Court of Judicature of Hyderabad, public gardens, Niloufer hospital, Jubilee Hall, library Asafia, were endowed with the landscape of the city by the Nizams. During the reign of the Nizams of the city was developed in the fields of literature, art, architecture, culture, jewelry and distinct cuisine which includes Hyderabadi biryani and Hyderabadi haleem.  The Asaf Jahis ruled Hyderabad India region and city for 200 years till October 1948 till Indian Government took over it  it by Military Action. When the British got the balance in India, the Nizams were allowed to continue governing their dominions like kings princely states. The Nizams retained the inner power  to Hyderabad state. During the colonial period Nizam of Hyderabad state became the richest. The Nizams also developed the railroad, and the introduction of electricity; roads, developed respiratory, irrigation and reservoirs; in fact, all large public buildings in the city of Hyderabad were built during his rule. He pushed education, science, and the establishment of Osmania University in the city. The Nizam was conferred the title of His Exalted Highness by the British the only monarch in the world to get the title. When India became independent in 1947, the Nizam wanted not to be merged with the Indian Union and wanted to remain independent. Indian government annexed it with Military Action in Sept 1948. Since then Hyderabad city has become capital of Indian State of Hyderabad later Andhra from Madras Presidency was merged with it and later became capital of Telangana in 2014.

Hyderabad India As Capital of Indian State of  Hyderabad (sept 1948 – 1956)

Dr. BR Ambedkar Hyderabad city attained the role of being capital of Indian state of Hyderabad. The las Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan attained the role of Raj Pramukh.  The dominions of the state included complete areas ruled by the erstwhile Nizam State which included Marathwada, Berar and North Karnataka along with the present day Telangana. After the demarcation of Indian state on linquistics basis the Marathwada became part of Maharashtra drawn from erstwhile state of Bombay, North Kannada districts were merged with Karnataka which was drawn from erstwhile Mysore state. In this process the remaining telangana or the telugu speaking part in which areas Hyderabad city was situated was merged as Andhra Pradesh drawn from erstwhile state of Madras Presidency. Thus Hyderabad city had become capital of Andhra Pradesh which was formed on liquisitic basis.

Major General Choudhary – Military Governor 1948-1949, MK Vellodi was appointed Chief Minister of the State January 26, 1950 – 53. In the first election of the Assembly State in India, 1952, Dr. Ramakrishna Rao Burgula 1953-1956 was elected Chief Minister of Hyderabad State these governments were seated in Hyderabad India as its capital.

Hyderabad India As Capital of Andhra Pradesh ( 1956 – 2014)

Hyderabad India was a great gift to the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Any state would be happy to inherit it as a capital because of its infrastructure, distinct cuisine and culture.  The city was the major revenue contributor and tourist destination. When Hyderabad India became Independent from the Nizams it was the Major city with unmatched infrastructure all over India, according to Dr. B R Ambedkar it had infrastructure equal to Delhi. He even suggested Indian Government to make it its capital. Many projects were taken up in Hyderabad India but it failed to retain its previous ranking of 5 largest city of India after Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai and gave that place to Bengaluru the new silicon valley of India. Now Hyderabad India is 4 largest in India in terms of population.

Hyderabad India As Capital of Telangana, the 29th state of Indian Union( 2014 – to till date)

Upon a great uprising against the erstwhile Andhra State the state of Telangana was achieved after 60 years of struggle for statehood the longest struggle in Modern History of India. The telangana state was formed against deep resentment of telangana population again Andhra regionalism. Hyderabad India being Geographically and historically part of telangana was a natural capital of the new State. Many theories were mooted by the governments of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh to include Hyderabad India as joint capital of both the states, but the telangana agitators would not accept Telangana state without Hyderabad India as its capital, a mutual understanding was reached by centre and both state governments to allow Andhra Pradesh use the City of Hyderabad as its temporary capital for a period of 10 years, so that they can build all the necessary infrastructure for their new capital in remaining Andhra Pradesh. As of now Hyderabad India is the shared capital for Andhra State as well for upto 10 years.

Hyderabad India Language

Hyderabad India is a home to decani Urdu dialiect which is called Hyderabadi Dialect, Hyderabadi Dialect is a cultural influence of Telugu on the Urdu language. Through the history Hyderabad India has been home for Urdu with the telugu twist. Hyderabad India is truly cosmopolitan when it comes to language no traveler will have any problem if he or she is familiar with English, Urdu, Telugu, Hindi. Apart from Urdu, Telugu speaking diaspora which is nearly equal, you will find Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and Malayalee speaking diaspora in Hyderabad.

English is the language of all private corporations and even government departments and not to worry most Hyderabadis speak Multiple languages, so be at home in Hyderabad India.

Hyderabad India Religion and Spirituality

No city in india is so balanced as Hyderabad India when it comes to religion. You will find tall minarets of mosques all over Hyderabad India never to forget the Charminar mosque minarets, the city boasts of very artfully decorated gopurams of temples, be it Birla Mandir, pedamma temple or so on, the city has  architecturally wonderful churches be it Medak Church which is largest in Asia till recently, Many churches make great landmarks in the city, surely lastly but not the least the gurudwaras be it gowliguda gurudwara or ameerpet or secunerabad one, gurudwaras are much part of the city skyline. Hyderabad India Hinduism is prominent religion with 55%, islam at 45%, Christianity at 2% and Sikhs, Jains, budhists, Zoaroastrians (Parsis) share the rest. The only religion missing out in Hyderabadi diaspora is of Jews, hope we find some someday here.

Travel Tips to Hyderabad India

RGIA Hyderabad International Airport Shamshabad India (10)Hyderabad India is very centrally located at one point of time after Indian Independence it was highly recommended as second capital of India mainly because its centrality and city planning. Hyderabad India can be easily reached from any part of India as well as world. Hyderabad India has a very good rail and road connectivity with all the other regions of India while various flights operated by all the major airlines of the world connect it to the other parts of the world. Talking about Hyderabad India airports – Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the main airport of Hyderabad India. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), opened in March 2008 is one of the largest

hyderabad autoairports in India with second largest ruolanway after Delhi, this Airport ranks 2nd inthe world in its category. Wearing Modest dress is advisable which would be in line with city dressing culture. While you visit restaurant or any eatout its okay to tip the waiter to tume of 5 – 10% though not compulsory. Hyderabad India is considered safest city in India for women travelers and women in general. For travel you can access the international Uber Cabs or Indian Ola Cabs which are available through their apps, apart from cabs you can also order autorickshaw through these apps which are budget friendly. Best option would be travel through TSRTC to be light on your budget they operate AC and non AC buses and you will get a bus every five minutes anywhere in Hyderabad India.

Hyderabadis don’t wear any footwear in their homes, so avoid wearing shoes in any host home. Even few locally operated offices don’t encourage wearing footwear in their offices, so pls check for this at offices also. Wearing Footwear in places of worship is a strict no. There is no scope unless it is a church which permits it, but mosques and temples it is a strict no. Hyderabad India Business Hours are from 10 AM to 6 PM for offices and for shopping places its upto 10 PM and eateries its upto 11 PM.  All international Credit and Debit Cards are accepted be it Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Citibank Diners. Carry upto  minmum $20 in Indian Rupees approximately 1200 Rupees unless you are on spending spree, as many businesses and all street vendors don’t accept Cards. You can Dial 100 for Police Help if you are dire need of it, for smaller issues you can walk into local police station, tourists are well protected by Hyderabadi Police and they always will be given first hearing and given the required respite.

Hyderabad TSRTC Bus

The sobriquets of city also goes by are

The City of Pearls
The convention Capital of India.
The City of Nizams
City of Lakes
The City of Nawabs

Genome Valley of India
Gateway to South India.

Hyderabad India Nickname(s): City of Pearls

Hyderabad India – Genome Valley of India

Hyderabad is located in Telangana


Location of Hyderabad India in Telangana, India

Coordinates: 17.37°N 78.48°ECoordinates: 17.37°N 78.48°E
Country  India
State Telangana
Region South India, Deccan
Districts Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Medchal-Malkajgiri, Sangareddyand Medak
Founded 1591 AD
Founded by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah
 • Type Mayor–Council
 • Body Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority
 • MP Asaduddin Owaisi,Bandaru Dattatreya,Konda Vishweshwar Reddy and Malla Reddy
 • Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan
 • Deputy Mayor Baba Fasi Uddin
 • Police commissioner M Mahender Reddy
 • Metropolis 650 km2 (250 sq mi)
 • Metro 7,100 km2 (2,700 sq mi)
Elevation 505 m (1,657 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Metropolis 6,809,970
 • Rank 5th
 • Density 10,477/km2(27,140/sq mi)
 • Metro 7,749,334
 • Metro rank 6th
Demonym(s) Hyderabadi, Deccani
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Area code(s) +91–40, 8685, 8413, 8414, 8415, 8417, 8418, 8453, 8455
Vehicle registration TS 09 to TS 14
Official languages Telugu, Urdu
HDI High
Website www.ghmc.gov.in