Hyderabad Traffic Challan – Does it Cover even the cops

Is Hyderabad Traffic Challan for common people who go hunting for livelihood on roads and meantime get caught up with traffic police nets and challaned, for whatever little they earn for their families. Is it a revenue generation process of Telangana Government or Traffic Police. Is the common man the scapegoat in this process or does the law apply for the all powerful traffic police also and others in responsible positions like Law police and other government officials and are these Hyderabad Traffic Challan issued to them also.

Hyderabad Traffic Challan for cops.

The MBT corporator from Hyderabad Mr. Amanullah Khan took the step forward in this regard and tweeted the pictures of traffic police breaking the law. He also publicised these pictures with police administration on facebook and other mediums. The hashtag was #practicinngwhatwepreach, the traffic police soon came into action and issued Hyderabad Traffic Challan to law breaking traffic police as shown in embedded tweet below. So if you happen to seen any traffic police or other normal law police also breaking the traffic laws of not wearing helmets, triple riding, parking in no parking areas, or blocking the road just to show that they can go without any questioning, take a snap and tweet it to traffic police  and facebook traffic police pages and expect action on them soon.

Tweets of Traffic police issuing Hyderabad Traffic Challan

“The public is posting pictures of traffic violations by policemen on social media including on our Facebook page and Twitter handle. So we are responding to them and providing details of the e-challans issued for the violations. Rules are uniform for motorists whether commoner or police officials,” deputy commissioner of police (Traffic), A.V. Ranganath, told Deccan Chronicle.

Apart from this the traffic police initiated disciplinary action on such rule breaking cops. They have given notices and Hyderabad Traffic Challan to atleast 200 traffic cops in a months duration. Traffic police is going by law even if it is one of their own uniform donning cop from any department be it law or traffic. Amjadullah Khan is continuing posting such pictures to traffic police to bring out the issues to the fore and we would like common people also to follow suit and take snaps whenever possible and post to facebook traffic page or tweet to them so that necessary action Hyderabad Traffic Challan can be initiated.