Hyderabad Women Gives Birth to Quadruplets

On a rare occasion, a 27-year-old woman at Mina Hospital in Hyderabad gave birth to four children via a risky three-hour C-section. Of the four boys born on Tuesday, one boy weighed 1.5 kg and three girls weighed 1.5 kg, 1.4 kg and 1.3 kg respectively. The two 1.5 kg babies are healthy and raised in ordinary rooms. The other two babies were supported by low oxygen levels. The mother must be stable, but she must not meet anyone. The mother takes ovulation pills to enhance her pregnancy. At conception, initial scans showed that there were four babies in her womb. Dr. Shukoor, a gynecologist, said routine scans showed healthy growth in the babies. In the seventh month of pregnancy, the patient developed high blood pressure, which was not controllable despite treatment. Dr. Shukor says, “Pregnancy is a condition in which your body’s immune system is compromised” Because of the baby’s weight and other components, the mother is thought to have high blood pressure. Since the patient was 27 years old, there were no further complications. Women over 40 have complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure, experts say. After assessing the baby’s condition, the doctor decided to have a cesarean section. A normal cesarean section takes 45 minutes, but in this case 3 hours. The medical team consisting of Dr. Soheba Shukoor, Dr. Shakib and Dr. Shaher Banu and neonatologists Dr. Sachin Narkhede and Dr Rafay were part of the cesaerean surgery.