Hyderabadi Food Beyond Biryani

Definitely Biryani is the Best Dish Hyderabad is world famous for, its time to introduce other Hyderabadi Dishes which are very famous though not equally famous as Hyderabadi Biryani. Just Counting Hyderabad for Hyderabadi Biryani would be a huge disservice to other dishes Hyderabadi’s relish on. There are high chances that you wont find these dishes anywhere else in india, so as long as you are in Hyderabad its time to relish these dishes apart from the world famous Hyderabadi Biryani. We have shortlisted few of the frontrunners for you.


Khubani Ka Meetha (Qurbani ka Meetha)

Khurbani Ka Meetha has been around in Hyderabad since ages. It is the most famous dessert served in Hyderabadi weddings. You can find it in 90% of Hyderabadi Muslim Weddings. The sweet dish is made out of apricots and is boiled along with Chasni (Sweet Syrup) till it thickens. It is mostly served with a scoop of ice cream and garnished with dried apricots and pista.



Double Ka  Meetha

This brings the fond memories of hyderabadis of their childhood when it was so common that a dessert at a wedding always meant Double Ka Meetha. This is prepared and served all major Hyderabadi Restaurants as well. This sweet dish definitely serves the sweet tooth  which craves for a sweet dish. The dessert is prepared with Loaf Bread deep frying it in ghee and  soaked in sugar sweetened milk syrup, adding vibrant flavors of cardamon and ofcourse saffron for the rich colour. The dish is garnished with dry fruits, raisins, khova. Its a mouth melting dish which resembles the mughlai dessert shahi tukda in texture and shape.


 Hyderabadi Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is the best snack which is also served with naan, kulchas and parathas. It is much discussed that the 65 gets it name from 65 days old chicken and also said it was started in 1965. Chicken 65 is deeply fried chicken after soaking it in spices and  chillies.  It’s a perfect snack when you have guests or just want to eat something, spicy and tangy . Chicken 65 is one of the most popular dishes prepared in most Dhabas and restaurants that are served as starters. Generally chicken 65 is the first dish ordered by most as it is a good appetizer.


Mirchi Bhajji

Mirchi Bhajji is a perfect snack for people who are adapted too hot and spicy snacks. It is most served in every nook and corner of Hyderabad in the evenings. It is prepared by deep frying after inserting tamarind paste with other ingredients into the cut of green chillies and then soaked in chickpease flour paste. It is served with onion pieces with slight garnish of garam masala powder.

mirchi bajji

Minced Mutton Kofta