India Couple Travel | Rohit Vemula’s mother expressed solidarity with Rahul

Hyderabad University Dalit student Rohith Vemula died by suicide in 2016 following alleged harassment Were. by the mother of Rohit Vemula, a Dalit student of the University of Hyderabad, who committed suicide in Hyderabad in 2016 following alleged harassment during his India Jodi Yatra. Radhika Vemula accompanied Mr. Gandhi briefly during the morning leg of the yatra. Solidarity to the extended @BharatJodo Yatra, walked with @RahulGandhi, and urged @INCIndia to save the Constitution from BJP-RSS attack, bring justice to Rohith Vemula, pass the Rohith Act, increase the representation of dalits, oppressed classes in the higher judiciary, called for education. Radhika Vemula (@vemula_radhika) November 1, 2022 “Expresses solidarity towards India Jodi Yatra, walks with Rahul Gandhi, and calls upon Congress to save Constitution from BJP-RSS attack, Rohit Justice for Vemula, Rohith Act passed, increased representation of dalits, oppressed classes in higher judiciary, education for all,” Radhika Vemula tweeted after the meeting. The Congress took to its official Twitter handle and several party leaders tweeted pictures of Radhika Vemula with Mr Gandhi during India. couple travel. The death of a 26-year-old Dalit student on January 17, 2016, triggered a nationwide movement against casteism in higher education institutions.