Kakinada Beach Glass Bridge

Kakinada Beach glass Bridge is the first glass bridge in the country. It has been constructed at a cost of 207 crore and it’s a pedestrian bridge which is 45 m long. The sixth largest city of the state of Andhra Pradesh is Kakinada and it serves as the district headquarters of the Kakinada District. The Kakinada is widely known for its sweets, Kaaja and also known for its town planning. Kakinada was known to be second Madras as it has twelve cinema halls back then.

It is familiar for its beautiful beach area. Kakinada is the fastest developing city of Andhra Pradesh. As part of tourism promotion scheme the bridge was designed by the state government for crossing the salt creek to the beach. There are washroom facilities at the Beach Park. It is a satisfactory beach with a bit of clean water. This place can be visited with friend and families on weekends as it has a small port and harbor.

It is a sandy beach located along coastal shores there are north east of the side of the city. There will be many street vendors selling their snacks items and ice creams.