Latest Wakf Property can be Leased for 30 Yrs

CHARMINAR: To boost revenue of the Telangana State Wakf Board, the government has given the green signal to lease Muslim-endowed properties for long term. The government has identified 11 properties in the city and outskirts which will be leased for a period of 30 years.

 In a government order, authorities said despite having over 77,000 acres in wakf land parcels, board is falling short of funds to run operations on a `day-to-day’ basis. It also noted there are several parcels which are located at prime areas. These include endowed properties in important areas such as Begumpet and Toli Chowki. “Long-term leasing of lands has been permitted by the new amendment Act. It will allow the board to get better clients with tenants ready to pay higher rents. This will help the cause of wakf,” said an official, who did not wish to be identified. Due care must be taken while awarding tenders, he said.
The government has also given the go-ahead to call for `global national tenders’ for lease or development on e-tender platforms. Experts welcomed the move specially after allegations of land scams hitting the headlines. In January, the TSWB suspended a mutawalli for allegedly selling a portion of land deemed as wakf property . According to authorities, an inquiry was conducted, where the mutawalli was suspended.
In another development, the Hyderabad High Court has directed the government and its minority welfare department to take a decision on constitution of a separate Wakf Board for Shia Muslims. – TNN