Asmangarh Palace

  • Asmangarh, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Asmangarh Palace Located near the T.V. Tower at Malakpet, the Asmangarh Palace was constructed in 1885 by the Paigah Noble Sir Asman Jah. The Asmangarh Palace is located on a hillock with a commanding view of the surrounding forest, which served as a hunting preserve for the Nizam and his courtiers. The Nizam was so fascinated by this miniature castle that he bacame a regular visitor. Sir Asman Jah eventually gifted it to the Nizam.
A granite structure in Gothic style, the compact building is too small to technically qualify as a palace, let alone the European castle which no doubt inspired its construction. Its claim as a palace is however justified by its architectural style and lofty location on a high plinth. The entrance is approached by a pair of simple symmetrical staircases which lead up to a verandah with painted arches springing from slender Corinthian columns. The painted arch is repeated in the window openings. The multi-level terraced roof is topped with castlellated battlements, which form the parapet and arethe most noticeable of its architectural elements. When the Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan inherited the palace he added a unique arched gateway in the shape of the Royal Dastar (turban-like headgear, part of Hyderabad court dress and a symbol of State).

Unused for quite sometime, the palace was leased to the Birlas who located their Archaeological Museum in it. After more than four decades, the Birla Museum moved out and the building is now occupied by St. Joseph’s Public School.

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