Bogatha Waterfalls – Niagara of Telangana

  • Bogatha Waterfalls, Chekupalli Road, Koyaveerapuram G, Telangana, India
  • 5.30 AM - 4.30 PM

Bogatha Waterfalls is tucked away in a distance of 260 kilometers, approximately 6 hours drive from hyderabad. In middle of dense forest surrounded by hills, you will find full greenery around this place, you have to walk three kilometers from plyable road to reach this beautiful waterfalls. Bogatha Waterfalls has become mini niagara of talangana is in dense forest khamam district (now falls under new Jayashankar District), 130 kilometres away from bhadrachalam and 140 kilometers away from warangal city. Bogatha Waterfalls is attracting many tourist upto 100 tourists daily, even tourists from different states are reaching to enjoy the view. The water flows from chattisgarh, it starts about 50 kilometres from telangana border, at cheekupally people call it Bogatha rivulet, earlier it was called bandham rivulet. There is a hanuman temple also since 10 years. The main difficulty reaching is you have to walk, so you have to plan it in such a way that you return before its dark. Though only good swimmers should venture into the water collected by waterfalls. People searching internet and reaching this place to enjoy the view and many claim it to be Niagara of Telangana. The central govt. has included Bogatha Waterfalls in swadesh darshan scheme, in girijan circuit, prospects are centre govt. planning to develop this further as a tourist destination.

Suggestions – You can also visit warangal city and laknavarm enroute.  People visiting Bogatha Waterfalls should note that thee is no stay option, the nearest stay option is laknavaram telangana tourism hotel or reach warangal to stay overnight. When you leave warangal ensure that you carry your food, as you wont find any decent food options beyond warangal or near Bogatha Waterfalls.

When to visit Bogatha Waterfalls : Even though water flows throughout the year, good time to visit is after monsoon between June & November.

How to reach it:

Hyderabad –> Jangaon –> Warangal –> Mulugu –> Peddagolla gudem –> Bogatha waterfalls


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