Boodhan Pochampally Sarees, History, Shops, Route Map Telangana

Pochampally, Telangana, India

Boodhan Pochampally Earlier Known as just Pochampally, afer Vinoba Bhave Bhoodaan movement from this place it started to being called Boodhan Pochampally.

Boodhan Pochampally is popularly known as Silk City because of its famous Ikkat style saris and cloth material. Pochampally weave is popularly known as Ikkat or tie and dye weave. The uniqueness of  Ikkat Sarees lies in the transfer of design and colouring onto warp and weft threads first and then weave them together. The fabric is cotton, silk and sico – a mix of silk and cotton. Increasingly, the colours themselves are from natural sources and their blends.

Apart from showrooms displaying this wonderful Ikkat style saris, you can also visit Vinoba Mandir and Telangana tourism has a very good serene guest house for a good stay.

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