Buddha Statue of Hyderabad

  • Buddha Statue, Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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  • 9 AM - 9 PM

The Buddha Statue of Hyderabad is a monolith located in Tank Bund Hyderabad. Buddha Statue of Hyderabad is the world’s tallest monolith of Gautama Buddha. It sits in center of Hussain Sagar lake over a famous rock called Gunrock. It is approachable through small boats and bus ferry from famous Lumbini Park. You can get down and enjoy the view and have a good time in the small park surrounding it, you will find a great view of tankbund, necklace road, birla mandir and the city landscape during the night.

Hyderabad boasts of the biggest monolithic buddha statue in the world. It is a statue of imposing height of 18 m and weight around 450 tons, this breathtaking statue of Buddha is his biggest single rock statue in the world. Sculpted by 200 sculptors for duration of two years in adjacent nalgonda district. Buddha Statue of Hyderabad while transportation from bund to the place it was planned in middle of the lake it tumbled from the large ferry sank, after couple of years it was retrieved and erected with great expense and difficulty by the then Chief Minister N T Rama Rao.

People who want to visit this statue have to reach lumbini park and take the boat, each ferry boat carries at least 40 people at a time. After alighting at the statue park you can witness how serene and secluded the place looks like, a sanctuary that probably buddha has imagined for himself. You after taking the snaps and admiring the statue can spend time at small park surrounding it, or as you feel till around 6 PM when the boats stop ferrying people to the statue as it grows dark. Make sure you check the boat timings which change according to sunsets.

The Buddha Statue of Hyderabad was declared sacred by non other than the Dalai Lama, who visited the place and under his presence and guidance the government conducted the necessary rituals and declared the place as sacred place.


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