Bully4U – Thugs, Texts, and Rock n RollEveryone want to be popular, to be the girl guys stare at when she passes by… everyone except Victoria, the school punk. Sporting a ten-inch Mohawk, ripped jeans, black punk t-shirts, and make-up to match, she looks like a tough, don’t mess with me, bully. She’s not. She’s the victim. Things are upside down at Sunnydale High School. Lily-white doesn’t mean pure and being different doesn’t mean bad. Fashion queen Tiffany Beaumont, leader of the popular group of girls called the Untouchables, wants to rule the school, to be the most sought-after girl, and to decide who survives high school and who doesn’t. Thumbs you’re safe. Thumbs down… well, bad things will happen. Victoria got thumbs down. Bullying, cyber-bullying, assault, and threats are the weapons of choice for the Untouchables. Miserable and alone, Victoria flounders through each school day. At last, she gains the support of two fellow students, and together they form a punk-rock band. But can friendship and music keep a beaten-down girl from the clutches of Tiffany Beaumont and the Untouchables, or will the Fashion Queen and her gang find new ways to torment Victoria? A must-read for anyone seeking an escape from those who bully, cyber-bully, and harass.


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