Garman Shepherd or German Shepherd

Garman Shepherd or German Shepherd is a breed of dog originating from Germany which is usually used as farm dogs and sheep herding traditionally. Till the late 1970s, the dog was referred to as Alsatian in Britain. Garman Shepherd is a big sized dog when compared to other types of dogs.

  • Full height is around 3-4 feet
  • Full-grown will weigh around 40 kg.
  • Employed with services usually
  • Domesticated predominantly¬† for its sheer size
  • Originated¬† from Germany

The German shepherd is usually a large-bodied dog with about at least 3 – 4 feet in height and easily weighs around 40 kg or nearly 90 pounds. Usually, the ears are long and the usual color of the Garman shepherd is light brown and black hair with a tint of white hairs. This kind of breed is usually employed with police, military and also used by blind people to guide them.

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