Hyderabad Race Club (HRC)

Hyderabad Race Club (HRC) HRC Hyd is an association of Horse racing track in Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. This is a thorough bred horse race and one of the best circuit in India. Horse racing began in Hyderabad by the Nizam Asaf Jah VI in 1868 in Moula Ali. In those days, it was called the Deccan racing. In 1886 Hyderabad Race Club has shifted to Malakpet by Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, members of his highness, the sixth Nizam as a racetrack wanted to be near his palace. Operations Hyderabad Race Club in 1961 and moved to Hyderabad Malakpet in 1968 when the race was revived under the Hyderabad Race Club. It was said that the race has been evaluated on an equal footing with any other center in India. Although the managed by the British, which was executed systematically sport and there was a strong competition between them. A sports magazine MUTUEL In 1873, cited the winner of the previous years, “Melbourne Cup”, “Healer” participates in Hyderabad Gold Cup and was beaten into second place. In 1886 Hyderabad Race Club  was shifted from moula ali to Malakpet. This change has been necessary that the then ruling H.H.Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, the sixth Nizam wanted the race track to be near to his palace. In fact, the racetrack has been built in the local place. Under his care, and competency the Malakpet racecourse flourished from 1886 to 1896. Then the race was held under the auspices and rules of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club. Hyderabad season always took place in the monsoon season, and was the focal point of the Nizams Cup. Later, Hyderabad Race Club HRC Hyd was a normal racing track.

Hyderabad Race Club (HRC)

Encouraged by the good state of sports affairs in the city, forming a club in southern India in 1956 in the park, the last Nizam, a gesture sold to Hyderabad Race Club 126 acres of land for a nominal fee. This land, where there is a real race track is located in the old city. CDH took five years to achieve their dreams and began a career in this session Malakpet in 1968 in the course, which was about a mile and a half. In 1976, and added that in the winter, the second track, which held Hyderabad winter racing season.

Hyderabad Race Club becomes the only racecourse in India to acquire all the local race track, which includes, besides the complex racing, track the route, stands, professional rooms, stables, parking etc.HRC been making every effort to further improve this real sport in the country.

Hyderabad Race Club HRC Hyd in keeping with the times and become familiar with other clubs lawn in India, tires HRC President of the Gold Cup in India in 1970, became the weight of the race from the age of one of the races of the first class in the country. In 1977, and has taken a step and HRC became the independent authorityof grass, and the fifth in India. A few months later HRC, held for the first time an invitation race in the light of their careers in September 1978.

Hyderabad Race Club HRC Hyd is largely was effective to help shape a classic cup race invitation of Indian Prime Minister. And it provided care to compete with India to Hyderabad Race Club, which gave additional bonus invite Cup, and became the most famous race in the country.

At Hyderabad Race Club a annual event, Deccan Derby is held here, attracting the best in the country, always organised on October 2 and other prestigious races is the President Cup India Gold and Nizams Gold Cup starring Colts in the game, Colts risks Championship, run by the race of the monsoon season. Racing will take place between July and October also called career monsoon is from November to February Called Winter.

Hyderabad Race course

Hyderabad Race Club HRC Hyd Inside View

Hyderabad Race Club (HRC)
Hyderabad – 500036.
Andhra Pradesh. INDIA

Hyderabad Race Club Telephones

+91 – 40 – 24549491 / 24549492
+91 – 40 – 24549159 / 24548506
+91 – 40 – 24549284 / 24549254
+91 – 40 – 24547454 / 24547455

Fax +91 – 40 – 24548493
Visit  www.hydraces.com
After Office Hours (HRC Hyd)
Security Office +91 – 40 – 24549159
Equine Hospital +91 – 40 – 24549492
How to reach: Hyderabad Race Club HRC Hyd place is situated in Malakpet, at a distance of 3 Kms from Koti Centre on the way to Vanastalipuram.
Nearest Landmark to Hyderabad Race Club: Yashoda Hospital on the Malakpet main road or Sri Krupa Market (Gunj) at Malakpet

City Buses to Hyderabad Race Club HRC Hyd
From Koti : 158, 225D, 107, 100, 101, 201 from bus stop opp. Womens College, Koti.
From Secunderabad : 107 & 1V from Secunderabad Ratifile Bus Complex.

Local Train to Hyderabad Race Club: Malakpet Railway Station

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