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International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT Hyderabad) is an independent University in Hyderabad, Telangana and India. IIIT Hyderabad was established in 1997 and is one of the best institutes of computer science in the country. This research highlights the first session. This has been a continuous performance of the university ACM International India Programming Contest (ICPC) and finished at No. 18 in 2012. Raj Reddy, the only Indian to win the Turing Award, is the Chairman of the Board of Governors management.

IIIT Hyderabad in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, which is about 10 kilometers from the old town and the railway station. It is located near the city of HITEC, home to Microsoft, Oracle, and Motorola, Inc., and Infosys. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad, near.

IIIT Hyderabad is located on the campus of 62 acres (250,000 square meters). At IIIT Hyderabad there are four buildings, which includes schools, companies and research centers. In addition, the building has an academic lecture halls, and educational rooms, computer labs, electronics, office administration and faculty. Buildings are named after mountain ranges, Nilgiri, Vindhya and the Himalayas.

The progress of all students and Pensions rooms. The first year and second year students, who are enrolled in an undergraduate program or dual degree, are required to share rooms (double) while from the third year onwards, students have filled one. IIIT Hyderabad has a guest house with four air-conditioned suites. Two houses for men and one for women has a total of about 1,200 rooms. A fiber-optic network that connects all the buildings on campus, including the hostel.

At IIIT Hyderabad Institute of Computer Labs has air-conditioned, and customize wise batch of students. Percentage of students PC- to-about 1: 2. All the computers are part of the intranet (1 Gbit / s backbone). IIIT Hyderabad has a high bandwidth (100 Mbit / s) connected to the Internet around the clock. Students can conduct research access to the computational facilities 24/7.

And send all notices and information via e-mail on campus. Of couriers to register chaos, be notified everything through certain gates (internal sites).

And linked to some areas of the Institute, such as a few parts of the boys hostel, Nilgiri Library by Wi-Fi.

“Showed our long work contract IIIT Hyderabad How can a university institute may be large research groups for the implementation of the latest scientific research, and industrial use to solve real problems and community.” Prof. PJ Narayanan, Director IIIT Hyderabad.

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT Hyderabad) is an independent university founded in 1998. It was established as that put a non-profit public-private partnership (N-PPP), a first IIIT even (under this model) in India. Andhra Pradesh government has supported the Institute for the issuance of land and buildings. Panel of eminent persons from academia, industry and government chairs judgment of the institution.

Has been formed IIIT Hyderabad as a research university focused on key areas of information technology, such as computers, electronics, communications, and applications in other fields. IIIT Hyderabad has developed a strong research programs in many areas, with an account or provide information technology to guide and focus on technology development and applications that can be transferred for use in industry and society. This requires the achievement of basic research that can be used to solve real-life problems. As a result, a cooperative relationship came to exist at the Institute between basic and applied research. At IIIT Hyderabad the faculty in a number of academic and industrial projects members, and incubated some companies, according to research conducted at the Institute.

Is organized IIIT Hyderabad for research centers and laboratories, rather than the traditional departments to facilitate interdisciplinary research and continuous flow of knowledge within IIIT Hyderabad. Faculty involved in research centers and laboratories behavior, as well as academics and programs that are held by the Institute, and not by individual research centers.

IIIT Hyderabad combines cutting-edge research to teach the first class. Students innovative program flexibility in the choice of courses and projects allowed. Students, even at the university level, the opportunity to participate in research and technological development in progress – an unprecedented opportunity in India. As a result, coexists first graduate program dynamic with a strong graduate program.

Recognizing that the goal of education is to develop a broad vision, humanity among students (and beyond), runs a unique program of its kind, the Institute of Human Values at the baccalaureate level. Regular professor leading the program. In addition, the program is available for graduate students and members of the faculty and students of IIIT-H in universities, colleges and other elements, and any person or organization concerned.

In summary, the Institute offers students a unique environment that promotes culture, sports and social contributions, art, self-governance and human values.

It is also at the forefront of research that has the potential to have a significant social impact.

Address: IIIT Hyderabad, Hill Ridge Springs, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032
Phone: 040 6653 1000

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