Leonia Celestia

Leonia Holistic Destination, Shamirpet, Secunderabad, Telangana, India



Leonia Celestia Marks a grandeur that is easy and free-flowing. Every aspect of Leonia Celestia is Celestial experience comes dabbed in myriad tones of luxury, Leonia Celestia a world so majestic that you forget everything else.

Leonia Celestia Lions Den

When you need a break from the concrete jungle, retreat into the wonders of Lion’s den. A sprawling deluxe signature suite inspired by the opulent mansions in Europe, it holds within it luxuries that are fit only for a king. Spread over a staggering 10,000 sq. ft. this is a premium signature suite with a sprawling area comprising of exclusive pools, private garden, spa & exercise room, study area, media room, kitchen, dining area and an adjoined board room of 36 seats with video conferring and AV Controls. More than Just a suite, Lion’s Denis a statement in itself.

Leonia Celestia Presidential Suite

With Peace on your mind relaxation on your agenda, head out to the leisure suite and make it home. Equipped with its own steam room and Jacuzzi and all modern amenities at your disposal, this suite is spread over 2400 sq.ft. thus inspiring you to indulge in leisure and private sit-outs and landscaped gardens adding to the charm.

Leonia Celestia Ethnic Suite

Designed and crafted with passion, this suite has ornately carved interiors to give a feel of historic legacy. Each piece of furniture in this room is a piece of art as the ethnicity is evenly synced with all modern amenities. Spread over 1700 sq.ft., its outstanding ambiance offer unique experiences with a private garden and swimming pool with sit out decks.

Leonia Celestia Leisure Suite

A single stop Luxury location, giving you a new experience and dimension in extravagance. this suite sprawls over 1700 sq.ft., with ornately done interiors, immensely spacious swimming pool, private garden, office space giving you an indulgent reminiscence like no other.

Leonia Celestia Business Suite

For the traveler with hectic busies needs, this suite is a perfect combination of ample space encompassing an area of 1100 sq.ft., and luxury which empowers one to get their business trips done in peace. A spacious bedroom, cozy dining room, and air-cooled garden area endow the stay. with private lounge spaces and world-class meeting rooms in the vicinity, this suite is ideal to help you balance work with leisure.

Leonia Celestia Honeymoon Suite

At Leonia Celestia Spark an effervescent romance with your signification other in the romantic ambiance of this suite spread over 1100 sq.ft. Absolute privacy and a private garden exterior compliment your togetherness. Bind your experience with the elegance and beauty of this suite and cherish your stay.


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