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The Lokayukta Hyderabad also called ayukta means “institution appointed by the people”. Lokayukta Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh/Telangana is an anti-corruption ombudsman organization for the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India and every Indian state has one to take care of respective regions.

Lokayukta Hyderabad helps people who face corruption among politicians and officials in government service and get it to the public’s attention. Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) headed by Morarji Desai presented a special interim report on “Problems of Citizens Complaints redressal” in 1966. In this report, the ARC recommended the creation of two special authorizations designated as’ Lokpal ‘and’ Lokayukta ‘for redress of complaints of victimized citizens. The Lokayukta, together with the Income Tax Department and the Office of Anti corruption bureau, mainly helps people to combat corruption among politicians and government officials. A retired or Cheif Justice of the Hight Court should be heading the lokayukta should be presiding.

Law 11 1983 AP Lokayukta Hyderabad entered into force on 1 November 1983. Lokayukta Obudsman started operations from November 15, 1983 and since then the institution has taken forward as an effective tool in the hands of the public to reduce the evil of corruption and mismanagement in public governance.

Issues and the conduct of public officials, they could be the subject of the claim to the Lokayukta Hyderabad Foundation and UPA Andhra Pradesh Lokayukta Hyderabad are:

1) Any administrative action involving abuse of position as such for personal gain or to cause undue harm or hardship to any other person;

2) Administrative actions motivated by improper or corrupt motives causing loss to the exchequer or to any person;

3) All acts involving outright corruption or lack of integrity in the capacity as such public servant.

Lokayukta Hyderabad can take suo moto cognisance and ask for concerned authorities  to file Action Taken Reports (ATRs). It can direct the district or the authorities concerned to files Action Taken Reports and spell out measures to ensure no such things happen in future.

How to Complain

The matters and actions of the Public Servants which can form the subject matter of the complaint to the Institution of Lokayukta of Andhra Pradesh are:

1. Any administrative action taken by a public servant by way of decision, recommendation or finding or in any other manner, and includes any omission and commission and failure to act in connection with or arising out of such action;

2. Any administrative action involving abuse of position for personal gain or to cause undue harm or hardship to any other person;

3. Any administrative action motivated by improper or corrupt motive causing loss to the State exchequer or to any person;

4. All acts involving outright corruption or lack of integrity in the capacity as such public servant.

Any aggrieved person can make the complaint, accompanied by Form I and his own Affidavit in Form II. Every complaint shall be accompanied by a Money Order or Banker�s Cheque/Demand Draft for Rs.150/- towards prescribed complaint fee drawn in favour of �the Registrar of Institution of Lokayukta of Andhra Pradesh�, in any bank having branch at Hyderabad. A complaint may also be filed in person and pay the complaint fee of Rs.150/- in cash.

A wide range of Public Servants, defined in Section 2(k) of the A.P. Lokayukta Act, 1983, will come under purview of the Institution, viz., Ministers, Members of either House of the State Legislature, including the Chief Whip, any person appointed to a Public Service or post in connection with the affairs of the State of Andhra Pradesh, Chair Person and Vice Chairperson of Zilla Parishad, President of Mandal Parishad, Mayor of Municipal Corporation, Chairperson of Municipal Council, Chairmen or Presidents and Directors of the Governing Body to which the Management is entrusted in respect of any local authority in the State or any Society registered under the A.P. Registration Act or any Co-operative Society whose area of operation extends to the whole of the State or is confined to a part of the State extending to an area not less than a District, the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar of a University, etc., and officer in the service or pay of a Local Authority, University, Statutory Body or Corporation, Society or other Institutions.

Any complaint involving an allegation made after expiry of 6 years, shall not be investigated by the Lokayukta.

If the complainant requires any further clarification for filing of complaint, it is open for him to approach this Institution in any working day during office hours.

Lokayukta Hyderabad Hours of Operation

  • 10:00 am – 05:00 pm

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