Names for Boys with A

Hindu Names for Boys with A, we have listed about 13500 hindu names for boys with A as starting letter.


Asvin A cavalier
Ashwin A cavalier
Ashvin A cavalier
Aswin A cavalier
Aabheer A cowherd
Abhir A cowherd
Agilan A man who commands everything
Agustya A name of a Hindu saint
Anami A name of Lord Buddha
Aprameya A name of Lord Krishna
Akul A name of Lord Shiva
Anirvinya A name of Lord Vishnu
Ajatashatru A name of Lord Vishnu
Anshaan A part of our self
Ajathasathru A person who has no enemies
Anishk A person who has no enemy
Ambadi A place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood
Aacharya A prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide
Acharya A prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide
Anurodh A request
Akshun A significant particle
Aaditva A variant of Aditya: the Sun
Adhita A scholar
Abhishrey Abhishrey the credit of good deed
Abhinand Acknowledge
Ashu Active
Aashu Active
Ahar Activity
Abhinesh Actor
Abhinash Actor
Abilesh Admirable
Amadhya Affectionate
Abhikam Affectionate
Ayush Age
Aayush Age
Aayus Age
Alagiri Alagar Swami
Aarshin Almighty’s place
Ajit Kumar Always win
Amiy Amrut (Nectar)
Aatrey An ancient name
Aahvan An invitation call
Adwaid An old Puran
Angada An ornament
Angad An ornament
Avanindra Angel of God on Earth
Avnendra Angel of God on Earth
Anjanappa Anjaneya Swamy
Abhim Another name for Lord Vishnu
Artatrana Another name of Jaganath
Aryaraj Another name of Lord Ram by Goddess Sita
Anamaya Another name of Lord Shiva
Anivardh Another name of Lord Vishnu
Aanick Anything extremely small
Aadamya Apne Dam par (On one’s own)
Aakurthi Appearance
Anumodith Approved
Anadh Arjun
Arpil Arpil name comes from Arpit
Arthur Arthur was a great king who lived in 6th century
Arva Arva means fastest motion wind
Ahnay As bright as the Sun
Aarudh Ascended
Amshu Atom
Anudev Atom
Akharsh Attract
Aakarshan Attraction
Aakarsh Attractive
Akarsh Shubhan Attractive
Aakarshak Attractive
Akarsh Attractive
Akrash Attractive
Adityavardhana Augmented by glory
Aathrav Auspicious
Anugya Authority
Adikya Authority
Anubodh Awareness
Awesh Awesh means passion
Adrik Awesome
Agarv Balanced
Aadhar Base
Arnit Beautiful flower
Anosh Beautiful morning
Anoush Beautiful morning
Anush Beautiful morning
Avin Beauty
Aveen Beauty
Aaranay Beginning
Aahva Beloved
Adrit Beloved
Abhimath Beloved
Abhaya Prada Bestower of safety
Avinay Bestower of success and accomplishments
Achintya Beyond comprehension
Anindya Beyond criticism
Ashvad Black horse
Ashwad Black horse
Ashvath Black horse
Ashvat Black horse
Adriyan Black of Adriatic
Asit Black stone
Aasit Black stone
Anuyog Blame
Abhijvala Blazing forth
Animaesh Blazing
Alivia Bleach
Arulchelvan Blessed
Ashvik Blessed and victorious
Aasvi Blessed and victorious
Ayushman Blessed with long life
Aayushman Blessed with long life
Ayushmaan Blessed with long life
Akshad Blessing
Asees Blessing
Ashis Blessing
Ashirvad Blessings
Ashish Blessings
Aashirvad Blessings
Aashish Blessings
Atmananda Bliss of soul
Atmanand Blissful
Aatmanand Blissful
Anikant Blue jewel
Apij Born after or in addition to Brother
Atim Born before the sunset
Abjayoni Born of the Lotus
Arkaj Born of the Sun
Anirudu Boundless
Ameya Boundless
Aniroodh Boundless
Anirudh Boundless
Arshan Brave
Avik Brave
Anveer Brave and divine in knowledge
Abhinu Brave Man
Aaryavir Brave Man
Aryaveer Brave Man
Aaryaveer Brave Man
Avir Brave
Amshul Bright
Aadipta Bright
Anjor Bright
Agnivesh Bright as the fire
Agniprava Bright as the fire
Agniv Bright as light
Animash Bright
Animesh Bright
Arjuna Bright
Aloki Brightness
Arthish Brigtness of Lord Shiva
Aryash Brilliant
Anbutamil Brilliant
Archin Brilliant
Anshumat Brilliant
Anshul Brilliant
Angadan Brother of Bali and Sugriva
Akand Calm
Asaja Calm
Anakul Calm
Anuh Calm
Achint Care free
Amrik Celestial God
Adhiratha Charioteer
Aniij Charming
Akileshcharan Chaste
Aarohit Chatur (Clever)
Ankush Check
Amaris Child of the Moon
Aparant Clear
Amoha Clear
Aashresh Clever
Anesh Close friend
Abhra Cloud
Ambud Cloud
Ahim Cloud
Anjik Collyrium
Aangat Colorful
Amarender Combination of Amar immortal and Indra king
Agam Coming
Aagam Coming
Adesh Command
Aadesh Command
Abhisar Companion
Anandsagar Compassionate Lord
Akhil Complete
Arivunambi Confident and intelligent
Anikt Conquered
Ankit Conquered
Ankith Conquered
Arijit Conqueror of enemies
Arijeet Conqueror of enemies
Ahijit Conqueror of the serpent
Achal Constant
Alekhya Nitya Constant picture
Avirat Continuous
Aviral Continuous
Anram Continuous
Avikrish Coward
Abhiral Cowherd
Anyang Crocodile
Avyukt Crystal clear or Lord Krishna or clear mind
Avyukth Crystal clear
Atanu Cupid
Adhyann Curriculum
Asner Cute
Asitvaran Dark complexioned
Aroon dawn
Ahan Dawn
Ahaan Dawn
Ambhoj Day Lotus
Alankrit Decorated
Anjak Decorated
Aangi Decorating the God
Alek Defender of humanity
Alakshendra Defender of humanity
Aaysh Delight
Ahlad Delight
Abhayananda Delighting in fearless
Abhinivesh Desire
Abhilash Desire
Akansh Desire
Abhypsit Desired
Adiman Destroyer
Areehah Destroyer of enemies
Amitrasudan Destroyer of enemies
Arindham Destroyer of enemies
Arindam Destroyer of enemies
Arhant Destroyer of enemies
Arihan Destroyer of evil
Arihaan Destroyer of evil
Aghat Destroyer of sin
Achapal Determination
Achutam Development
Anuraj Devoted
Avikam Diamond
Alipta Different from all
Alpit Different from all
Anantharam Diligent
Aayam Dimensions
Arv Diminutive of Arvin: Friend of the people
Adrav Dispeller of all distresses
Aksh Divider
Anugrah Divine blessing
Aswapn Dream
Anjan Dusky
Arjeeth Earned
Arjit Earned
Aarjith Earning
Adhyayan Education
Annku Elegance
Abhyudita Elevated
Avyan Eloquent
Aashlesh Embrace
Aslesh Embrace
Ashlesh Embrace
Ambe Enrich
Akshay Keerti Eternal fame
Akshayakeerti Eternal fame
Anantram Eternal God
Amardeep Eternal light
Aric eternal ruler
Annul Eternal
Abinaash Eternal
Abinesh Eternal
Avinesh Eternal
Abinash Eternal
Akshay Eternal
Akshaya Eternal
Ashooja Eternally happy
Alampata Ever eternal Lord
Amoghah Ever useful
Ayyappan Ever youthful
Ayyapan Ever youthful
Akshayah Everlasting
Abhith Everywhere
Astitya Existance
Astitva Existence
Aash Expectation
Abhijun Expert
Abhinay Expression
Abhihita Expression
Aadiksh Expressive
Akashika Expressivity
Aroop Extremely beautiful
Ambak Eye
Akshu Eye
Akshan Eye
Anjan Kumar Eye liner
Akhiransh Eye
Arjun Fair
Aashank Faith
Ashank Faith
Abilash Faithful
Avilash Faithful
Ashkaran Fame
Ashrut Famous
Aashrut Famous
Akhyath Famous
Antar Famous warrior
Advek Fashionista
Ayoj Fast
Anidev Favor
Anukul Favorable
Abhay Fearless
Abhi Fearless
Abhey Fearless
Abhayam Fearless
Abhichandra Fearless
Abhyansh Fearless
Ashanko Fearless
Abhiraj Fearless king
Abheek Fearless
Abhik Fearless
Ahsaas Feeling
Abhas Feeling
Aabhas Feeling
Arawo Female mountain goat
Ashwatthama Fiery-tempered
Aaruksha Finesse
Adish Fire
Aanal Fire
Adenya First
Agriya First best
Adikavi First poet
Aroush First Ray of sunlight
Archish First Ray of the Sun
Arush First ray of the Sun
Arulappan First Ray of Sun
Arish First ray of Sun
Agnivo Flame of the fire
Achindra Flawless
Acchindra Flawless
Anna Food
Aranya Forest
Aranyak Forest
Akshey Forever
Amoorta Formless
Aavansh Forthcoming generation
Anjas Forthright
Artham Fortune
Arujas Free from disease
Abhaidev Free of fear
Arvin Friend of people
Artabandhu Friend of sick
Agnimitra Friend of fire
Aryan From a high race
Adhit From the beginning
Adith From the beginning
Adit From the beginning
Ail From the stony place
Abadhya Full of power
Anantaguna Full of virtues
Arin Full of joy
Arine Full of joy
Abhimani Full of pride
Anshum Garland of rays
Anjuman Gathering
Aaslunan Gem
Ashwarth Generation
Aayod giver of life
Abhimand Gladdening
Ashsri Glorious
Arivoli Glowing with intelligence
Adeshwar God
Anyu God
Adlin God
Avdhut God dutta
Ankia God is gracious
Arkesh God of stars (Moon)
Achalesvara God of the immovable
Acalesvara God of the immovable
Amaneesh God of peace
Anil God of wind
Abhidnya Goddess
Akkamma Goddess name
Aniswar Goddess of Earth
Adikrit God’s Creativity
Adhivesh God’s creation
Arul Kannan God’s grace
Alankar Gold
Aurel Golden Angel
Abhirath Great charioteer
Atraiu Great warrior
Amoghraj Great
Adhik Greater
Abhivadan Greeting
Atithi Guest
Araha Guiding star
Anjasa Guileless
Abbir Gulal (Auspicious red powder)
Ardhendu Half Moon
Alagan Handsome
Alagarasu Handsome king
Abhirup Handsome
Anjaney Hanuman
Anindo Happiness
Ainitosh Happy
Anandan Happy boy
Ashok Happy
Aslun Hard
Aslunit Hard
Anshak Has a share in the property
Aashay Hawk-like
Asho Head of the Sun and head of Pittal Pani
Ashman Heaven
Abhinavsri Helpful
Akrit Helping others
Abhidharm Highest Dharma
Akbal Highly sensitive
Achalraj Himalayan mountain
Anjal Hollow formed by joining two hands
Adhil Honerable juduge
Amish Honest
Aloji Honey
Arean Honorable
Anchit Honorable
Abinish Hope
Ashwesh Hopeful
Aswal Horse Rider or Keeper
Ashva Horse
Avihit Humanitarian
Adharsh Ideal
Adarsh Ideal
Ananyog Idiosyncratic
Aadarsha Idol
Abhideep Illuminated
Akashdeep Illuminated heavenly realm
Ariyan Illustrious
Aryan Raj Illustrious
Atultejas Immeasurable brightness
Aniteja Immeasurable splendor
Ashwatham Immortal
Amarnath Immortal God
Amartya Immortal
Amar Immortal
Abhilesh Immortal
Avaneeth Immovable morals
Atal Immoveable
Akshar Imperishable
Avyayaprabhu Imperishable Lord
Achyut Imperishable
Achyuta Imperishable
Abhavya Improper
Aaveg Impulse
Aeshan In God’s grace
Alekya In Indian origin it means which cannot be written in general
Avtar Incarnate
Avatar Incarnation
Aghanaya Incarnation of lord
Adisai Incarnation of lord Sai
Abhihas Inclined to smile
Anuthaman Incomparable
Athulith Incomparable
Anupam Incomparable
Achyuthan Indestructible
Avinash Indestructible
Avinashi Indestructible
Ananinay Indestructible
Avinas Indestructible
Anashin Indestructible
Anashya Indestructible
Akhilesh Indestructible
Akilesh Indestructible
Avyukta Inexpressible
Anumana Inference
Anantachidrupamayam Infinite and consciousness personified
Adyant Infinite from Adi to Ant
Aadyant Infinite from Adi to Ant
Amitesh Infinite God
Adrish Infinite visionary
Anant Infinite
Ananth Infinite
Amet Infinite
Amith Infinite
Amit Infinite
Ameet Infinite
Adhvedh Inner strength
Abinav Innovative
Abhinav Innovative
Anubhav Insight
Anubhab Insight
Ayog Institution
Aweel Intelligent
Arivumadhi Intelligent
Arivalagan Intelligent and handsome
Arivumani Intelligent gem
Adhinav Intelligent
Akilan Intelligent
Antarang Intimate
Anvesh Investigation
Anwesh Investigation
Abijit Invincible
Avijit Invincible
Astrit Invincible
Anustup Invocation
Arakhsan Is associated with Lord Ayyappa
Adhyuth Is associated with Lord Ayyappa
Aarshabh It’s another name of Shri Krishna
Ashwith Its Come from Tree Ashwth
Adiya Jewel
Abheet Jo kisi se na dare (One who fears nobody)
Anvay Joined
Abhimoda Joy
Alhad Joy
Anand Joy
Ajoy Joyful
Aneet Joyful unending
Aneeth Joyful unending
Anit Joyful unending
Aryana Joyous
Aaranyan Jungle
Avaraj Junior
Anbumadi Kind and intelligent
Adrutha Kind hearted
Atish Kind
Athish Kind
Anbuchelvan Kind
Adhiraj King
Aditraj King
Akhilash King of all (Lord Shiva)
Aryansh King of Arya
Awadhesh King of Ayodhya
Avadhesh King of Ayodhya king dasaratha
Awdhesh King of Ayodhya
Adalarasu King of dance
Aviraaj King of king
Agendra King of mountains
Ajendra King of mountains
Ankesh King of numbers
Angraj King of State Ang
Amberish King of the Sky
Ambarish King of the Sky
Ambareesh King of the Sky
Ahsinav King of the universe
Anbarasu King of Love
Anbarasan King of Love
Ariv King of wisdom
Arivarasu King of wisdom
Adhish King
Adheesh King
Adhipa King
Adhip King
Ahilan Knowledgeable
Aaghosh Lapped
Antim Last
Ahir Last
Athiban Leader
Agraj Leader
Agrim Leader
Aakhyaan Legend story of famous person
Ayushya Life Span
Anora Light
Aar Light bringer
Audvik Light of Lord Shiva which never diminishes
Arunabh Light of The Sun
Atmaprakash Light of soul
Atmadeep Light of soul
Alok Light
Aalok Light
Aloke Light
Anutosh Light
Aruldeepan Lighting person
Adrush Like the rising
Apar Limitless
Amitab Limitless luster
Amitav Limitless luster
Asheem Limitless shank
Aseem Limitless shank
Amitbikram Limitless prowess
Avkash Limitless space
Amitansh Limitless
Anahath Limitless
Asav Liquor
Aasav Liquor
Avindh Lively
Araon Lofty
Aeyush Long lived
Aatmay Long-lived
Ayyappa Lord Ayyappa
Aiyappa Lord Ayyappa
Aiyyapa Lord Ayyappa
Abhranila Lord Basudev
Athrav Lord Ganesha
Adharv Lord Ganesha
Aathav Lord Ganesha’s one name
Aniruth Lord Krishna’s Grandson
Abhinatha Lord of desires
Arunachaleshwara Lord of the hills
Acalapati Lord of the immovable
Acalendra Lord of the immovable
Arnish Lord of the seas
Arnesh Lord of the sea
Aakesh Lord of the Sky
Adithya Lord of the Sun
Aavesh Lord of the universe
Avnesh Lord of the whole world
Avaneesh Lord of the whole world
Avanesh Lord of the whole world
Avanish Lord of the whole world
Avneesh Lord of the whole world
Aniketh Lord of the world
Aniket Lord of the world
Anikait Lord of the world
Asuman Lord of vital breaths
Armesh Lord of desire
Ashvind Lord of glory
Arunesh Lord of mercy
Avyaya Lord Shiv
Annuabhuj Lord Shiva’s bhuj – hand
Arumughan Lord Subramanyan
Adtiya Lord Surya
Anamitra Lord Surya the Sun)
Appaji Lord Venkateswara of Balaji
Akkrum Lord Buddha
Amay Lord Ganesh
Amaay Lord Ganesh
Amey Lord Ganesh
Athrv Lord Ganesh
Atharv Lord Ganesh
Atharav Lord Ganesh
Anek Lord Ganesh
Anik Lord Ganesh
Aneek Lord Ganesh
Atvar Lord Ganesh
Athiya Lord Ganesh
Atiya Lord Ganesh
Ajish Lord Hanuman
Ajeesh Lord Hanuman
Ajesh Lord Hanuman
Anjaneya Lord Hanuman
Amreesh Lord Indra
Amresh Lord Indra
Amrish Lord Indra
Avasyu Lord Indra
Anhar Lord Krishna
Abhyukt Lord Krishna
Abhyukta Lord Krishna
Abhijith Lord Krishna
Abhijit Lord Krishna
Abhijeet Lord Krishna
Anadhi Lord Krishna
Anadi Lord Krishna
Anaadi Lord Krishna
Aniv Lord Murugan
Arumin Kadalan Lord Murugan
Akshagna Lord Murugan
Arumugam Lord Murugan
Arumugan Lord Murugan
Arumukhan Lord Murugan
Aranmakan Lord Murugan
Arumugathamudhu Lord Murugan
Azhagan Lord Murugan
Adikesh Lord Shiva
Anirudra Lord Shiva
Ayavanth Lord Shiva
Ambikapathi Lord Shiva
Ambikanath Lord Shiva
Aghornath Lord Shiva
Ariharan Lord Shiva
Amrithash Lord Shiva
Abhav Lord Shiva
Abinay Lord Shiva
Asidhan Lord Shiva
Anvith Lord Shiva
Anwit Lord Shiva
Abhiram Lord Shiva
Abhiraam Lord Shiva
Ahruran Lord Shiva
Ashuthosh Lord Shiva
Arudhra Lord Shiva
Avirup Lord Shiva
Arha Lord Shiva
Ajjitesh Lord Vishnu
Agnit Lord Vishnu
Achyut Pragna Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman
Acchutan Lord Vishnu
Akhsaj Lord Vishnu
Akshaj Lord Vishnu
Angara Lord Vishnu
Akshobhya Lord Vishnu
Achyuth Lord Vishnu
Achyutha Lord Vishnu
Ajithesh Lord Vishnu
Ajitesh Lord Vishnu
Adisesh Lord Vishnu
Aravinth Lotus
Arvind Lotus
Arvinda Lotus
Arvin Kumar Lotus
Ambujakshan Lotus eyed
Aravindan Lotus
Aravindhan Lotus
Arivind Lotus
Ambuj Lotus
Anuragya Love
Anumit Love and kindness
Anurag Love
Anuraag Love
Aravindh Love
Aravind Love
Anbu Love
Ankolit Loved
Atmakanth Lover of soul
Ashik Lover
Aashang Loyal
Angamuthu Made of pearls
Ameyatma Manifests in infinite varieties
Ameyaatmaa Manifests in infinite varieties
Adripathi Master of the mountains
Anany Matchless
Athul Matchless or incomparable
Atul Matchless or incomparable
Arthav Meaningful
Aarthav Meaningful
Arth Meaningful
Aarth Meaningful
Aadhyatm Meditetion ( Dhyan)
Arnad Megh (Cloud)
Avishkar Miracle
Ayilyam Model state of india
Awas Moderate
Amain Modest
Anikanchan More than gold
Ashan More attractive
Arasu Most powerful person of the world
Anirvin Mother
Aalap Musical prelude
Alaap Musical prelude
Abishai My father is a gift
Abiram My father is exalted
Ahti Myth name of a God of magic
Arun Kumar Mythical charioteer of the Sun
Anishvar Naastik (Atheist)
Ashwaghosh Name of a Buddhist philosopher
Akendra Name of a God
Azhagar Name of a God in a temple in Madurai
Asokan Name of a king
Agasti Name of a sage
Angiras Name of a sage
Agasthya Name of a sage
Agastya Name of a sage
Athreya Name of a sage
Atreya Name of a sage
Aatreya Name of a sage
Abhyank Name of God
Avdhoot Name of Lord dutta
Ashitosh Name of Lord Ganesh
Aresh Name of Lord Indra
Amaresh Name of Lord Indra
Ananthan Name of Lord Murugan
Amrutheswar Name of Lord Shiva
Arshvi Name of Lord Vishnu
Aarshvi Name of Lord Vishnu
Aganit Name of Lord Vishnu
Anshrith Name of Lord Vishnu
Anikesh Name of Lord Vishnu from Sahasranamam
Aniruddh Name of Lord Vishnu with numerological strength
Akhalesh Name of Shankar jee
Anang Name of Cupid God
Ananga Name of Cupid
Ariaz National leader.
Akruti Nature or beautiful
Antam Nearest
Amrut Nectar
Amrith Nectar
Amrit Nectar
Amruth Nectar
Arnrit Nectar
Atun New
Abbhinav New
Adhithya Newly risen Sun
Adhitya Newly risen Sun
Adithiya Newly risen Sun
Aditiya Newly risen Sun
Aditya Newly risen Sun
Avam Next
Angith Nil
Agilis Nimble
Ashul No obstacles
Asoka No sorrow
Aryavan Noble
Alin Noble
Aaryav Noble person
Aryav Noble person
Abhijath Noble
Abhijat Noble
Aryamaan Noble-minded
Anul Non wild
Adwaita Non-duality
Achanda Not of the hot temper
Acanda Not of the hot temper
Avikshit Not see before
Ashrav Obedient or promise
Anudarshan Observing
Aarnab Ocean
Aranab Ocean
Aashvith Ocean
Ambunath Ocean
Aarnav Tej Ocean
Arnav Ocean
Ashvith Ocean
Armav Ocean
Avish Ocean
Aavish Ocean
Anav Ocean
Ambikeya Of Ambika
Athikaya Of extra ordinary size
Akshayaguna Of limitless attributes
Akshaya Guna Of limitless attributes
Aaryan Of the Aryan race
Aryaan Of the Aryan race
Arksh Of the stars
Aarksh Of the stars
Anantadrishti Of infinite vision
Arshya Of sacred descent
Arghya Offering to the Lord
Apurv One of a kind or rare
Apoorva One of a kind or rare
Amapramaadhy One of the Kauravas
Anthudaran One of the Kauravas
Anaadhrushya One of the Kauravas
Anuvindha One of the Kauravas
Abhayan One of the Kauravas
Alolupan One of the Kauravas
Ayobaahu One of the Kauravas
Agniras One of the Saptarshi
Ashtavakra One of the great sages
Anvit One who bridgesth gap
Ananmay One who cannot be broken
Ananmaya One who cannot be broken
Anmay One who cannot be broken
Akshath One who cannot be injured
Akshat One who cannot be injured
Anubhaj One who follows worship
Aashutosh One who fulfills wishes instantly
Ashutosh One who fulfils wishes instantly
Akhurath One who has a mouse as his charioteer
Ajithabh One who has conquered the Sky
Ajitabh One who has conquered the Sky
Arihant One who has killed his enemies
Adiraj One who has No Limits
Akanshit One who is desired
Ajanma One who is limitless and endless
Anaadih One who is the first cause
Aatmaram One who is Happy in his self
Atmaram One who is happy in his self
Adhyan One who is Rising
Abhjeet One who is victorious
Avan One who owns the earth (Lord Indra)
Augadh One who revels all the time
Arit One who seeks the right direction
Arinjoy One who wins over his enemy
Arivuchelvan One whose wealth is his wisdom
Amitabh One with boundless splendor
Amitava One with boundless splendor
Anandamay One with full of happiness
Adwaya One
Adway One
Akalpa Ornament
Anak Ornament
Abhibhava Overpowering
Anoob Palm tree
Aviyansh Part of Sun
Abhisoka Passionate
Atit Past
Ateet Past
Aviyukta Patience
Aarabh Patience
Apoorv Patience
Aman Peace
Araav peaceful
Arav Peaceful
Arju Peacock
Abhineet Perfect
Abhinit Perfect
Ashesh Perfect
Akshith Permanent
Akshit Permanent
Anukrit Photograph
Arekh Picture
Aalekh Picture
Ayodhya Place where Lord Rama born
Airish Pleasant nature
Adiv Pleasant
Amod Pleasure
Aamodh Pleasure
Aamod Pleasure
Annsh Portion
Ansh Portion
Anirved Positive
Aiden Powerful
Amathya Powerful
Abhayankar Powerful and complete
Anushan powerful man
Anvik Powerful
Avadh Powerful
Amad Praiseworthy
Aahnik Prayer
Abrik Precious like God
Amolik Priceless
Amolak Priceless
Anmol Priceless
Amol Priceless
Amul Priceless
Ashimat Pride
Abhijan Pride of a family
Abhimanum Pride
Adipurusha Primordial being
Adipurush Primordial being
Ahil Prince
Aahil Prince
Adhikara Principal
Argav Prominent
Ajdha Prosperity
Avitha Protected
Avas Protection
Asas Protector of Dharma
Abhiman Proud
Abhimaan Proud
Akalin Pure
Avikrut Pure
Ayurved Pure
Awan Quality
Aashuinat quick-witted
Aghosh Quiet
Abhidi Radiant
Abhisumath Radiant
Abhisumat Radiant
Arthin Ramadhutha
Adhbudha Rare
Anokha Rare
Archis Ray of light
Aroha Ready to offer boons
Avigyan Recollection
Argha Reddish purple
Anukash Reflection of light
Amav Reincarnation of Lord Rama
Avashesh Remainder
Ahalyashapashamana Remitter of Ahalya’s curse
Avighna Remover of obstacles
Avingha Remover of obstacles
Abhinabhas Renowned
Ariez Respectable Man
Arhat Respectable
Aaryik Respected
Adhir Restless
Adheer Restless
Aravali Righteous
Aravan Righteous
Aruj Rising Sun
Abhisek Ritual
Abishek Ritual
Abhisheik Ritual
Abhishek Ritual
Aslunak Rock
Abhivanth Royal salute
Abivanth Royal salute
Aadhav Ruler
Arhan Ruler
Arhaan Ruler
Athyajat Sacrifice
Aalamb Sanctuary
Anuha Satisfied
Anarva Sea
Abdhi Sea
Anveshan Search
Ardesh Secret
Anashay Selfless
Abhimanyu Self-respect
Abimanyu Self-respect
Avhimanyu Self-respect
Arath Sense
Avro Sensitive
Achit Separation of newborns hair
Abhineeth Serene
Ayyappadas Sevak of Lord Ayyappa (Attendant of Lord Ayyappa)
Ambesh Seven reflections
Akaar Shape
Aakrit Shape
Aakar Shape
Aakaar Shape
Anshin Sharer or heir
Amandeep Sharp witted
Aayudh Shastra (Epics)
Aashray Shelter
Ashray Shelter
Aashraynandan Shelter person
Archat Shining
Anagh Sinless
Apasyu Skilful
Atralarasu Skilled king
Arakaya Skinful
Ambar Sky
Akshahantre Slayer of Aksha
Anudeep Small Diya
Ansil Smart
Aifa Smart
Arivali Smart
Aavi Smoke
Anandhu Snake of Lord Vishnu
Arhav Soft
Ashmik Soham
Ananyo Sole
Amuk Some
Asrith Somebody who gives shelter
Aashrith Somebody who gives shelter
Ashrit Somebody who gives shelter
Ashrith Somebody who gives shelter
Ayyan Someone who is religiously inclined
Aayan Someone who is religiously inclined
Ayaan Someone who is religiously inclined
Akane Someone you cannot stop loving
Angak Son
Agnikumara Son of Agni
Agneya Son of Agni
Aswathaama Son of drone
Arkin Son of the eternal king
Adityanandana Son of The Sun
Acharyasuta Son of the teacher
Acaryatanaya Son of the teacher
Acaryanandana Son of the teacher
Acaryasuta Son of the teacher
Aasthik Son of Arjun
Agnibahu Son of first Manu
Abhimanyusuta Son
Aatmaj Son
Atmaj Son
Angaj Son
Atma Soul
Atman Soul
Aatman Soul
Aahi Soul
Abhigyaan Source of knowledge
Antareeksh Space
Antrix Space
Antariksh Space
Aayu Span of life
Ahem Special
Anouka Spirit of God
Anilabh Spirit of the wind
Aathmiya Spiritual
Abhisyanta Splendid
Ankur Sprout
Aadishankar Sri Shankaracharya
Akalmash Stainless
Ashwinraj Star
Abhram Steady
Ayananta Straight forward
Arjav Straightforward person by heart
Arnva Stream
Adotka Strength and wisdom
Ashwani Strong and complete
Ariveer Strong man
Anshal Strong
Ansal Strong
Ajay Success
Ajai Success
Agarvin Successful Man
Ajith Successful
Ajit Successful
Ajeet Successful
Aradhy Suitable for worship
Arunan Sun
Arunava Sun rays
Anshuk Sunbeam
Adityakiran Sunrays
Arunoday Sunrise
Abhyuday Sunrise
Abhyudaya Sunrise
Atimanav Super Man
Aghartha Supernatural
Anunay Supplication
Aniesh Supreme
Akhileshwar Supreme being
Akhileswar Supreme being
Ajinkya Supreme
Ajeenkya Supreme
Acintya Surpassing thought
Ashcharya Surprise
Abhivira Surrounded by heroes
Ahankar Surya
Anjesh Sweet
Anjish Sweet
Ashankit Symbol of hope
Alop That which does not disappear
Aalop That which does not disappear
Aryan That Which Is Beyond Anyone’s Strength
Anindith The blameless one
Amileigh The bringer of hope
Arpan The devotional offering
Akam The end
Anuritha The essence of ceremonial rite
Avirbhav The exact meaning of this name would be evolution
Achalendra The himalayas
Anyah The inexhaustible
Agamiya The karma we perform in this birth
Artagnan The knower of all meanings
Abhyan The literal meaning of ‘abhyan’ is to start a movement
Adedev The Lord of the Lords
Adidev The Lord of the Lords
Aparajit The Lord who cannot be defeated
Aparajeet The Lord who cannot be defeated
Akshant The meaning of Akshant is the person who always wants to win
Avikalp The meaning of this name is which has no options
Ananye The most honorable Ananye Guru Shri
Avyaansh The offering
Anashwar The one who never gets destroyed
Ayan The pathway to the Sun
Ashit The planet
Ashith The planet
Aryaman The possessor of greatness
Agnihotra The sacrifice offered to Agni
Ajneesh The Sun’s glory
Ainesh The Sun’s glory
Amber The unbeatable
Amalendu The unblemished Moon
Ashneel The best
Airawat The celestial white Elephant
Anirban The eternal flame
Alpha The first letter of the Greek alphabet
Adinath The first Lord
Adhinath The first Lord
Arushan The First ray of the Sun
Avaya The First ray of the Sun
Ayansh The first ray of light
Aayansh The first ray of light
Ayaansh The first ray of light
Aayansh Sai The first ray light of Lord Sai
Atharvan The first Vedas
Atharva The first Vedas
Athrava The first Vedas
Aatharva The first Vedas
Arul The grace of God
Atin The great one
Atambhu The holy Trinity
Amritaya The immortal
Aaryesh The king of Arya
Akshraj The King of World
Adeep The light of Lord Vishnu
Ambili The Moon
Agharna The Moon
Ayank The Moon
Amritambu The Moon
Anakh The Moon
Amalesh The pure one
Arun The red glow of the rising Sun
Aum The sacred syllable
Akash The Sky
Atmik The soul
Atas The soul
Aryaman The sun
Aaditeya The Sun
Archishman The Sun
Arka The Sun
Arthit The Sun
Adhavan The Sun
Adritya The Sun
Aryadit The Sun
Aadhavan The Sun
Aan The Sun
Abhyudev The Sun
Aadavan The Sun
Anshit The Sun
Amshuman The Sun
Aditeya The Sun
Avi The Sun and air
Anmesh The Sun God
Arkajit The Sun
Ark The Sun
Anshuman The Sun
Ansuman The Sun
Ansu The Sun
Anshu The Sun
Aharshi The Sun
Aharsi The Sun
Anantajeet The victor of infinity
Anantajit The victor of infinity
Anoor Thigh less
Alpesh Tiny
Abhipuj To adorn
Avya To arrive or to inform
Aska To Close
Arpit To donate
Aarpit To donate
Arkash To enlighten
Abhinandan To rejoice
Abhinandana To rejoice
Abhinanda To rejoice
Arohan To rise
Aviraj To shine as bright as the Sun
Anantim Tone continued
Ati Too much
Abhya Towards the fire
Agni Towards the fire
Abhyagni Towards the fire
Adhvesh Traveler
Amanat Treasure
Amanath Treasure
Akashaj Treasure
Abhayi Trustworthy
Ashmith Trustworthy friend
Ashmit Trustworthy friend
Asmith Trustworthy friend
Asmit Trustworthy friend
Amitay Truth
Arnoh Unblemished
Ajat Unborn
Ajah Unborn
Abhu Unborn
Animan Unbounded
Akhand Unbroken
Anjay Unconquerable
Anjeet Undefeated
Apparajito Undefeated
Ajairaj Undefeated king
Anash Undivided
Anirv Undying
Anirvan Undying
Atulya Unequalled
Amogh Unerring
Aamogh Unerring
Amlankusum Unfading flower
Amlan Unfading
Athak Unflagging
Akshyat Unharmed
Adhvaita Union of matter and soul
Adhvik Unique
Advik Unique
Aadvik Unique
Adwik Unique
Aekansh Unique
Auniket Unique
Ayshman Unique
Ayusman Unique
Advait Unique
Adwaith Unique
Adhvait Unique
Advaith Unique
Adwait Unique
Alabhya Unique
Advith Unique
Advit Unique
Apurbo Unique
Advay Unique
Aadvay Unique
Advaya Unique
Adhvay Unique
Advitya Unique
Adviteeya Unique
Apure Unique
Arumoy Unique
Akshansh Universe
Agyeya Unknown
Aparichit Unknown
Aakalp Unlimited
Ananthu Unlimited
Avichal Unmovable
Aakampan Unshaken
Anuttam Unsurpassed
Aaroh Up
Abhiyansh Urge to Understand
Aveekshith Vayu Deva (Wind God)
Arokya Very pious
Arkish Very sweet
Abjit Victorious
Abhijaya Victorious
Abhijay Victorious
Aswanth Victorious
Aswantha Victorious
Ashvanth Victorious
Ashwanth Victorious
Ashwant Victorious
Anirudhha Victorious
Anirudha Victorious
Arinjay Victory over evil
Abhaijeet Victory over fear
Adwit Vishnu
Aalakshya Visible
Atri Voyager through life
Ambu Water
Ambav Water like
Ashvarya Wealth
Anuchana Well behaved
Anuchan Well versed in the Vedas
Aniruddhan Which can’t be restricted
Aniruddha Which can’t be restricted
Airavath White elephant of Lord Indra
Alarka White lotus
Avalok Who beholds
Ajatshatru Who has no enemies
Astik Who has faith in God
Aastik Who has faith in God
Arahan Who knows everything
Ankal Whole
Ahin Whole
Ashravya Whom people listen to attentatively
Anujith Win
Anilesh Wind
Aruth Wind
Ajayan Winner
Athvik Winner
Arjan Winner
Atikish Wise
Atiksh Wise
Ateeksh Wise
Akil Wise
Abhicandra With a Moon-like face
Abhrakasin With clouds for shelter
Anaya Without a superior
Anoop Without comparison
Anup Without comparison
Anamay Without miseries
Anniruddha without obstacles
Adbhutah Wonderful God
Athishay Wonderful
Atishay Wonderful
Akashat worship
Archith Worship
Archit Worship
Aaradhy Worshipped
Aradhay Worshipper
Archak Worshipper
Aaradhak Worshipper
Acyutaraya Worshipper of the infallible
Anuroop Worthy of
Anurup Worthy of
Akrish Young Krishna
Abhinava Young
Anuj Younger brother
Ayyapa Youthful



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