Raymonds Tomb

  • Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Raymonds Tomb is one of the French General of Nizam army Monsieur Raymond (Michel Joachim Marie Raymond). Raymonds Tomb has a pavilion area and a tall standing obelisk 7 metres high. It was built by Nizam. The ill maintained tomb was renovated by State Tourims in 2001.

Raymonds Tomb is located near Asman Garh Palace on top of Hillock at Musa Ram Bagh, Malakpet. Upto 1940 hyderabad people used to visit his tomb on the anniversary of his death, taking incense and other offering to him. It is said Nizams used to send on March 25 every year a box of cheroots and bottle of beer. His grave had become like a shrine. The area is name after him Mussa Ram bagh.

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