Reqelford International School

  • Reqelford International School, Rampally, Secunderabad, Telangana, India
  • Rampally 65811235/ 9573607276, 7093322649 Mahendra Hills, Habsiguda, 9177722522
  • 9Am - 5Pm

Reqelford International school is a one of the kind educations establishement in Hyderabad with the prefect mix of learning and fun supported by the best infrastrucure in the industry. The school provides an impeccably designed environment for the holistic development of yough minds. The scurricul is designed to develop your child for the interconnected world. with its high academic standsards and principles, the school has automatically become one of the first choices for amny parents.


Reqelford Ofers tow Currucula; CBSE and IGCSE

To provide the best infrastructure reqelford ensures its libraries and laboratories are well resourced and extensive. It aims to creating a thorough learning experience for its students by providing a wide range of facilities to enable students to challenge themselves exporre their talents. Be it academics or sports it ensures that students hae the best start in life.

Educational faciliteis

Robotics lab, NIIT math Lab, laboratories for research and development, samrt classsrooms, two stored senior library 3 suite computer lab, visual arts studio, kindgarten library. Sports Facilities – systhetic ourts for tennis, basketball, indoor basketball courts, badminton, half olypiad sized swimming pool, splash pool for kindergartners, out door toy area, indoor toy room, skiting rink squash court, cricket pitch, soccer, sand pit and much more.


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