Sanskriti School Kondapur

  • Sanskriti School, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • 040 65452222, 9676542060
  • 9Am - 5Pm

It is rightly said ” things are achieved by doing anot by deisring alone”.

A Dream which was seen by person of humble begining got transpired into a vision that has changed an entire community in the form of sanskriti educational society, sanskriti is a distintive brand in education inextricably lined with value base, out come drive education.

Sankriti school

Established in the year 2004, sanskriti school has pexpanded rapid true to its watchword sankriti has evolved over time to be acknowledged as a tridtion in education. The enrighing academic environment has helt the school in good stead, earning it widespread patronage from discerning parents.

A School that promotedd the suse of multiple tools, to introduce student to various themes, believed to be neceassary for the children to understand who we are: how to protect and or support our scoeity and what does the future hold for us and the generation to come.

Holistic advelopment of child being the core objective child being the core objective Sanskriti scholl uses ports, games, dance musci, art craft and theatre to introuce various skills dvelopment activitiesamongst tits students. Students learn to appreciate perspectives other than their own, develop crictical thinking and decition making skills. The facilities along with experiences and emphathetic teachers encourages parents to seek admission in our institution.

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