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Telangana Scheduled Castes Co-Operative Development Corporation Ltd was set up in the year 2014 with a view to take up programmes for the Economic Development of Scheduled Caste families in the State

SC Development Corporation Telangana Vision
Telangana Scheduled Caste co-operative Finance Corporation (TSSCC) vission details will be provided here.

SC Development Corporation Telangana Mission
The Mission is to provide financial assistance for creation of income generating assets to the poor Scheduled Caste households for Social and Economic Development.

SC Development Corporation Telangana Objective
1. To provide financial assistance for creation of income generating assets.

2. To offer training programmes for Skill up-gradation leading to Self / Wage employment.

3. To plug critical gaps of finance in economic support scheme.

Identification of Beneficiaries & Functional Convergence

Ø The eligible people from SC communities who are intended to avail financial assistance under economic support schemes (under self employment schemes) from SC Corporation should registered their details in OBMMS Portal within a stipulated time in consultation with respective MPDOs from out of the above registrations, identification of beneficiaries shall be done by Grama Sabhas in rural areas and Municipal Ward Sabhas in urban areas. The beneficiaries who are identified / selected during 2016-17 but sanction proceedings are not issued due to administrative reasons, may be given priority under SCAP 2017-18 subject to eligibility / bank consent.

Ø The BPL criteria are based on Income Limit fixed by Government, as per G.O.Ms.No. 20, Scheduled Castes Development (SCP) Department, dt:30.09.2015 for providing financial assistance .

1. Eligibility Criteria under self employment schemes:

Beneficiaries under the self-employment and other economic support schemes shall have the following criteria:

a. Age:

a) 21-50 years for non-agricultural Schemes as on July 1st of the year of consideration.

b) 21-60 years for agricultural Schemes as on July 1st of the year of consideration.

c) 18-45 years for Skill Development Training Programme.

b. Income:

a) Rs. 1,50,000/- per annum for Rural areas.

b) Rs.2,00,000/- per annum for Urban areas (Municipalities, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayats).

1. Preference shall be given to:

a) Candidates with higher qualification or requisite qualification required for a skill.

b) Candidates who are trained under any skill improvement program of the Government for welfare Corporation either in the current year or earlier.

c) Beneficiaries who are availing the self-employment scheme for the first time.

d) Women beneficiaries shall be preferred so as to give 331/3% of the total target.

1) One house hold shall be limited to only one Self-employment Scheme in a year.

2) Beneficiaries availing the scheme shall not be given any benefit under such scheme for the next 5 years.

3) Every beneficiary must have an aadhaar number

4) All Beneficiaries shall apply through the Online Beneficiary Monitoring & Management System (OBMMS)

5) To avail loan under transport sector the driving license with badge is a must.

2. Selection of Beneficiaries under the economic support schemes

a) The total targeted beneficiaries shall be sub divided for the districts and Mandals/municipalities in proportion to the SC Population.

b) Selection of Beneficiaries shall be done by the Grama Sabha/Municipal Ward Sabha

c) For selection of beneficiaries, the house-hold survey data as collected by the SERP and MEPMA shall be used in prioritizing the applications. Preference shall be given for the poorest of the poor identified in the survey.

d) All the beneficiaries shall apply through the Online Beneficiary Monitoring Management system (OBMMS) to ensure transparency and accountability.

3. Implementation & Monitoring Mechanism:

A District Monitoring Committee chaired by the District Collector, shall monitor the implementation of the schemes. The composition of the District Monitoring Committee shall be as follows:

District Collector – Chairman

PD, DRDA – Convenor

ED, SC Corporation – Member

ED, BC Corporation – Member

DM, Minority Corporation – Member

AD, Disabled Welfare – Member

PD, W & CD – Member

DTWO – Member

LDM – Member

President, Zilla Samaikya/

Town Level Federation – Member

The District Monitoring Committee shall perform the following functions:

The District Collector shall

a. Convene special DLBCs in order to expedite the process of the sanction of Economic Support Schemes.

b. Preparation of the District Action Plan of the Economic Support Schemes.

c. Review the progress of the scheme at frequent intervals.

d. Examine any complaints in the process of selection of beneficiary and grounding of schemes.

e. Any other intervention that may be needed for successful implementation of the schemes.



SC Co-op Development Corporation Ltd.,
Sri. Lachiram Bhukya, IRSME
O/o VC&Managing Director,
SC Co-op Development Corporation Ltd.,
5th Floor, Damodaram Sanjeevaiah
Samkshema Bhavan, Masab Tank,
Hyderabad – 500 028

VC & MD Peshi: 040-23316017
Fax: 040-23301402
Chairman Peshi: 040-23315970


O/o Executive Director,
Dist. SCSCDS Ltd.,
Social Welfare Complex,
Near Dist.Court, Vidhyanagar,
Adilabad 504 001.
Landline : 08732226609
ED Cell No: 70323 12008
O/o Executive Director,
Dist. SCSCDS Ltd.,
Room No : 8, 2nd Floor,
ST Post Metric Boys Hostel,
Tribal Welfare Complex,
Opp: Sub Collector Office
ASIFABAD DISTRICT. – 504293 Landline :
ED Cell No: 94410 86813

O/o Executive Director,
Dist. SCSCDS Ltd.,
1st Floor, AmbedkarBhavan,
Mahabubnagar – 509001 Landline : 08542242637
ED Cell No: 88866 62875

O/o Executive Director,
Dist. SCSCDS Ltd.,
Samkshema Bhavan,
Collectorate Complex Back side,
Miryalguda Road,
Nalgonda -508001

Landline : 08682-244544
ED Cell No: 91776 42940
O/o Executive Director,
Dist. SCSCDS Ltd.,
1st Floor, DRDA Building,
Khammam – 507 001 Landline : 08742 248015
ED Cell No: 98499 05989

O/o Executive Director,
Dist. SCSCDS Ltd.,
1st Floor, PragathiBhavan,
Collectorate, Warangal Landline : 08702510897
ED Cell No: 98499 05987
O/o Executive Director,
Dist. SCSCDS Ltd., PragathiBhavan,
Nizamabad Landline : 08462 222950
ED Cell No: 91331 05666
O/o Executive Director,
Dist. SCSCDS Ltd.,
Collectorate Complex,
Nampally Station Road,
Hyderabad Landline : 040-23201500
Fax: 040-23202835
ED Cell No: 98499 05999

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