Subhan Bakery Nampally -Osmania Biscuits Claim to Fame

Subhan Bakery Nampally is the birthplace of the crumbling tasty and soft Hyderabadi Cookie the Osmania Biscuits, probably there is any hyderabadi who hasnt tasted it regularly.

Subhan Bakery relooking is refreshing spacious and airy. One of the oldest bakeries in the city has now become a kind of luxe bakery where you can shop at a leisure pace. In terms of their delicious treats too, it went to a major expansion that offers 60 varieties of biscuits, pastries, toast, cakes, puffs of curry, bread, pastries, pizzas and hamburgers, catching up with changing trends.

But the Subhan Bakery USP remains cookie Dum ke Roat and Osmania Biscuits. The latter name represents Nizam VII Mir Osman Ali Khan, is the fastest moving product on the shelf. People across the city and neighboring districts reach here just to get the Osmania biscuit, a popular product among the commoners and elite. The loyalty and support of the Subhan bakery benefits from its customers is phenomenal. Do not be surprised if you find young movie stars, doctors and politicians queuing for it. Producer of the film, Dasari Narayan, was a great admirer of this cookie. MP of Hyderabad, Asaduddin Owaisi, gets the crunchy biscuits Subhan and megastar Chiranjeevi. When the state legislature is in session, legislators receive their crunchy treatment here. Biscuit Osmania and Irani chai – a real taste Hyderabadi can do without them?

Dum ke Roat is another crisp cookie that is a big hit with customers. Essentially sought after at Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, is now available even after the month of mourning has ended. The main ingredients are: flour, sooji (semolina), vegetable oils, sugar, honey, melted butter, salt and cardamom and dairy products.

To enhance the taste is decorated with dried fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, saffron and trail. But to achieve all this in the right proportion is the most important aspect. The duration of cooking is what gives the brown appearance while making it crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside. In addition, Roat is made of pure ghee and is 100 percent vegetarian.

Subhan Bakery enjoys a reputation is because of Syed Khader who christened the bakery by his sons name, Syed Subhan, in 1951. The bakery has operated without a name since 1948 in a busy centre in Red Hills. “My grandfather sacrificed his time, family life, leisure and luxury to build the bakery,” says Syed Irfan, who now runs the bakery with his younger brother, Syed Imran. Thus, while the bakery exists in its present form over the last 69 years, the family has in fact been the business for over a century.

Now in the seventh generation, it is betting on technology to push their products. The bakery houses four floors imported from Germany and Italy to make biscuits, bread and pastries in a machine. The formula that funes the unique taste, of course, remains a well kept secret.

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