Summer In India

Summer In India

Summer in India is the most despised season in India. People get nervous upon hearing the summer is approaching which usually starts in March and stays although June the first week. People take extra measures to keep their homes cooler using coolers and ACs. Most of the regions see a severe shortage of drinking and water for daily use. Borewells and wells go dry and mostly rely on Tankers for their daily needs.

Scorching heat and winds play havoc for Indians and temperatures cross 45 degrees celsius. Plains and Desert areas of India see severe scarcity of water, there is also a shortage of vegetables as this season the cultivation stops due to shortage of water. People always prefer cotton clothes usually white during summer to beat the heat and keep their bodies cool.

Tourism in Summers of India.

It is not advisable for tourists to visit India during the summer season as it is unbearable scorching heat all over India except the hilly regions or hill stations. Tourists should avoid visiting India because various infections cholera and diarrhea is common. It is suggested if you travel due to unavoidable circumstances to carry clean water, lemonades, carry sunglasses, keep a handkerchief handy to wipe sweat, and apply sunscreen. Try wearing white cotton clothes and make sure you eat at a neat and hygienic place.

During Summer In India, Indians travel mostly to cooler places like Shimla, Ooty, Darjeeling, Dehradun, Manali, Lonavla, and there are very good hill stations other than these, where Indians like to travel during Summer in India.


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