Tirupati Package from Hyderabad by Flight

Tirupati Package from Hyderabad by Flight is Called Seegra Darshan By Telangana Tourism


Tirupati Package from Hyderabad by Flight One Day itinerary:

ONE DAY PACKAGE- TARRIF- Rs.10999/- onwards per Head

  • Departure -6.55 AM
  • Arrival-8.00AM
  • AirPort To Tirupathi By Car -9.30 AM
  • Fresh Up-45 Min At Keys Vihas Hotel
  • Tirupathi To Tirumala By Car-10.30AM
  • Tirumala Darshan-2 Hrs By 1.00PM
  • Tirumala To Keys Vihas Hotel-2.00PM
  • Lunch& Rest-2.00 Pm-3.00PM
  • Start For Padmavathi Temple-3.00PM
  • Arrival To Temple-3.30PM
  • Darshan-3.30pm-4.30PM
  • Start For Airport-4.30PM
  • Arrival To Airport-5.30PM
  • Departure From Airport-6.35 PM
  • Arrival To Hyd-7.45PM


Tirupati Package from Hyderabad by Flight Two Day itinerary:

TWO DAY PACKAGE-TARRIF- Rs.13999/- onwards per Head

DAY – 1

  •  Departure -6.55 AM
  •  Arrival-8.00AM
  •  Air Port To Sri Kalahasthi -10.00AM
  •  Darshan-10.00am -12.00PM
  •  Start Totirupathi Keys Vihas Hotel-1.30PM
  •  Lunch & Rest-1.30 Pm-3.30PM
  •  Start For Kanipakam Temple-3.30PM
  •  Arrival To Temple-4.30PM
  •  Darshan-4.30pm-6.00PM
  •  Start For Hotel-6.00PM
  •  Arrival To Hotel-7.00PM
  •  Dinner At Hotel-8.00PM &night Halt

DAY – 2

  •  Fresh Up & Start To Tirumala For Darshan-9.30 AM
  •  Tirupathi To Tirumala By Car-10.30AM
  •  Tirumala Darshan-2 Hrs By 1.00PM
  •  Tirumala To Keys Vihas Hotel-2.00PM
  •  Lunch& Rest-2.00 Pm-3.00PM
  •  Start For Padmavathi Temple-3.00PM
  •  Arrival To Temple-3.30PM
  •  Darshan-3.30pm-4.30PM
  •  Start For Airport-4.30PM
  •  Arrival To Airport-5.30PM
  •  Departure From Airport-6.35 PM
  •  Arrival To Hyd-7.45PM
For bookings Please contact
  • Tankbund Road, Next to Lumbini Park, Hyderabad.
  • 9848540371
  • 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Disclaimer: packages may change after this day of publication pls. check with the above number for more correct information.

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