TSRTC Bus Pass Rates


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TSRTC Bus Pass Rates

Click here for Student TSRTC Pass Above SSC TSRTC Bus Pass Rates

  1. Student General Pass ( Monthly/ Quarterly)
  2. Student Greater Hyderabad Pass (Monthly / Quaterly)
  3. Student Special Pass (Monthly / Quarterly)
  4. Employee Children passes
  5. Student District Route Pass (Monthly /Quarterly)
  6. Student City Route Pass (Quaterly)

TSRTC Bus Pass Rates Click here for Student Pass Upto SSC 

  1. Student General Pass ( Monthly/ Quarterly)
  2. Student Greater Hyderabad Pass (Monthly / Quaterly)
  3. Employee Children passes
  4. Student District Route Pass (Monthly /Quarterly)
  5. Student City Route Pass (Quaterly)
  6. Student District Free Pass.
  7. Student City Free Pass

Click Here for General Commuter Pass

  1. Ordinary TSRTC Pass.
  2. Metro Express TSRTC Pass
  3. Metro Deluxe TSRTC Pass
  4. Metro Luxury A/C TSRTC Pass
  5. Greater TSRTC Pass
  6. Monthly Season Ticket Exp
  7. Monthly Season Ticket PLVG
  8. Pushpak A/C Pass
  9. Airport Metro Express TSRTC Pass

Clicker Here for Dialysis Patient Passes

Click Here for Journalist Services TSRTC Pass

Click Here for Exclusive TSRTC Pass

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  1. Applications for all types of  TSRTC Bus Pass for student passes shall be submitted online only. Manual submission will NOT be entertained except for Free Passes.
  2. Ensure that the photo size for upload is less than 100 KB and it shall be in JPEG/JPG format only.
  3. Ensure that all the fields are filled in correctly before submission for TSRTC Bus Pass.
  4. Registration number generated after submission shall be noted for future reference.TSRTC Bus Pass will be issued only based on Registration Number.
  5. Applications submitted online have to be certified online by the concerned educational institution. The student should ensure that the submitted TSRTC Bus Pass form is verified and certified by his/her institution online. TSRTC Pass along with ID CARD will be issued only after certification by the institution.
  6. Student data cannot be modified, once the institution has forwarded the TSRTC Bus Pass application.
  7. In the case of RTC Employee, children’s student shall submit a Copy of the Employee ID CARD and original Employee Children Declaration Form certified by the unit officer concerned at the time of collecting ID CARD/PASS  at the counter.
  8. Bus Pass shall be collected at the selected Center on the Date indicated.



  1. Students, as well as General Commuters, can make an online payment for TSRTC Bus Pass.
  2. Online payments can be made using Credit/Debit/Rupay Cards/ Netbanking.
  3. All transactions on Internet/online payment are subject to the conditions stipulated by the Payment Gateway and subject to levy of charges, if any. TSRTC will levy a service charge of 2.5 % on the total bus pass fare.
  4. Payment Gateway Service charges will not be refunded for failure transactions.

For any issues regarding online payments/failures / refunds/submission of applications related to Hyderabad City Passes mail to ghzbuspasstsrtc@gmail.com  and/or Contact 8008204216


Source TSRTC Website.

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