Makkah Masjid to get the Much Needed Massive Facelift

Department of Archaeology and Museums (DAM) is gearing up to take up the conservation work of the historical Makkah Masjid. The project is getting a substantial grant of Rs 8.48 crore. The areas of intervention identified in a detailed report on the current condition of Mecca Masjid are the roof, water seepage through stone joints and general maintenance.

Department of Archaeology and Museums director N R Visalatchy says that layers of waterproofing material and bitumen have increased the load on the structure. A careful removal of these layers is proposed. Bird droppings are also a major cause of concern as they cause acidic reactions on the exteriors and also clog water spouts, she said. Hence fine nets will be installed to prevent birds from sitting on the structure.

A strength analysis will also be done to check the extent of damage on account of water seepage. The power cables and wires inside the main structure will also be rearranged.
Entrance of the Makkah Masjid will also get a facelift; several layers of enamel paint will be removed from the doors. Original ornamentation and other architectural details, which have been hidden by lime mortar, will also be restored.