Namaz Timings In Hyderabad – Prayer Time in Hyderabad

Namaz Timings In Hyderabad

Namaz Timings In Hyderabad India According to Islamic custom the namaz timings change according to the Movement of Sun. Namaz Timings In Hyderabad India are The fajr namaz is offered before the sun dawns over the horizon and the last Namaz after sun moves away from the horizon in the dusk. At the Peak of the sun the zuhr or afternoon namaz is offered, and vice versa asr and maghrib in the early evenings. The sun Plays vital role in namaz timings in any place and due to shape of the earth and suns movement the namaz timings keep on changing every where, though india follow a single standard time all across the nation like othe countries follow but the namaz is not prayed according to Indian Standard Time like elsewhere. The Namaz timings differ from other cities and regions in India. Namaz timings in Hyderabad is decided by the locally observed sun movement which differs just a hundred kms away.  We have published a widget for Namaz timings to help our Hyderabad freinds to check namaz timings in Hyderabad and offer their prayers accordingly.

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