Salar Jung Museum Introduces Audio Guide App for Museum Visitors

Salar Jun Museum Introduces Audio Guide App for Museum Visitors

Hyderabd’s Salar Jung Museum has launched an audio guide app throught which visitors can gather information on artefacts displayed.

A Museum official informed that advanced technology is being used to connect with the visitor of the museum. With the newly launched audio guide app, which provides a brief history of the museum, visitors will be able to access audio recordings for free. Speaking to ANI, Dr Nagender Reddy, Director of Museum said, “Visitors purchasing photography tickets will get audio or tour free of cost. They will get the information of artefacts and art pieces display.”

“We do not charge money on the usage of this application. So, when the visitors purchase a ticket for photography in the museum, they can use this app free of cost. We haven’t paid money to the developers yet, but a part of the amount that we get through photography the ticket will be paid to developers. Each gallery is provided with a unique QR code. The visitor can scan the QR code and proceed ahead, ” Reddy said.

Jayesh Ranjan, principal secretary of the industries and Commerce of The Telangana Government also attended the event where the app was launched.

Ranjan told ANI, “This new addition to the museum, i.e. a self conducted audio tour is extremely user friendly. There are people coming from different socio Cultural backgrounds to the museum. They feel eager to know about the history and background of the artefacts here. For these people, the audio guide is very useful.”

A Visitor to the museum, Archana said, “I came from Karnataka am very happy to visit this place. The government has provided a virtual app that comes with the ticket. these days everyone has mobile phones and one just has to download the app and it will guide accordingly. I am thankful to the authorities for introducing this app.”

The Salar Jung Museum houses a collection of 46,000 objects ranging from traditional attires, miniature paintings, sculptures, carpets, toys, furniture and clocks. With this audio guide app, which is powered HopOn India, visitors who are curious to know about the stories behind the artefacts and its magnificent history behind the spectacular pieces can easily hear about it on their own mobile phones at the museum during the tour.

A statement from the museum said: “The visitors can avail the benefits of the app for free after availing the ticket. Once they download the app, they have to enter the QR code provided for the same to start the audio tour.”(Source ANI)