Saudi Arabia Embezzlement $100 Billion Issue 200 Detained Released

The Saudi government said today graft and Saudi Arabia Embezzlement worth $100 billion had been uncovered with around 201 people arrested in anti-graft case for Saudi Arabia Embezzlement.

“A total of 208 individuals have been called in for questioning so far Saudi Arabia Embezzlement. Of those 208 individuals, seven have been released without charge,” the information ministry said in a statement in the Saudi Arabia Embezzlement Issue.

Saudi officials have detained several members of the royal family for Saudi Arabia Embezzlement and kept them in the opulent Ritz-Carlton hotel. They face money laundering, bribery and extortion charges.

Billionaire tycoon Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal was arrested last Saturday after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman decided to crackdown on corruption moving swiftly to arrest several members of his own family on Saudi Arabia Embezzlement issue, replacing the chief of armed services and several top officials in the government.

“The potential scale of corrupt practices which have been uncovered is very large,” the ministry said.

“Based on our investigations over the past three years, we estimate that at least $100 billion has been misused through systematic corruption and embezzlement over several decades,” the statement added.

Many Saudis welcomed the moved on corruption even though several experts said Saudi Arabia Embezzlement was a ploy by Prince Salman to cement his power by taking out the opposition forces, especially those in his family.

US President Donald Trump who was on a visit to Asia at the time, backed the Saudi move, tweeting those who were arrested were “milking their country for years”.

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