Telangana: In 22 days for Rs 160 crore, the sale of liquor in Munugode reached a high. Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: Liquor is flowing like water ahead of the hot by-elections in Munugode and sales have reached a record high. By the time polling ends on November 3, the sale of liquor in the constituency could exceed Rs 300 crore. Considering the average monthly sales, an astronomical jump is around Rs 25 crore to Rs 30 crore. For starters, from October 1 to 22, liquor worth Rs 160 crore has already been sold in the assembly constituency alone. It has crossed the entire Nalgonda district – in which Munugode falls – sells out in a month. On an average, liquor sales of Rs 134 crore are recorded in Nalgonda in 22 days in a month. There are around 25 liquor shops and several belt shops, and almost all have seen a rise in sales with rising political temperatures. Even before the poll date was announced, liquor worth over Rs 36 crore was sold in Munugode – up from Rs 25 crore in the same month last year. According to market observers, liquor sales in Munugode are expected to reach Rs 250 crore by the end of October, which could rise to anywhere between Rs 50 and Rs 100 crore in the two days before polling. Sales have been high in Munugode mandal and low in recently created Gattuppal mandal. There are seven divisions in the constituency – Gattuppal, Chautuppal, Munugode, Sansthan Narayanpur, Mariguda, Nampally and Chandur. According to sources, the parties mostly arranged for distribution of liquor through shops and not directly to the people. “They have accounts with shops and each party worker or resident is given a certain number of pegs on a daily basis. Cash accounts will be closed later,” said a source.