Telangana Tourism to Restart Cruise Boat Service from Nagarjuna Sagar to Sri Sailam

From Nagarjuna Sagar to Srisailam will start the cruise services in November 2017, because the water level is equal to 570 feet, which is filled from the dam , it is suitable for the six half hour cruise. On Thursday, the Department of Tourism of Telangana conducted a test to prepare for the launch. The trip from NagarJunasagar to Srisailam will be a two-day trip. These services will operate every Wednesday and Saturday.

These services previously were conducted by erstwhile Andhra Pradesh when the water level rose until they are good for rain in Nagarjuna Sagar in October this year, and Cruise runs due to a good flow. The trip starts again after a gap of four years. Assistant general manager b. Watvdeplli said “The water levels are very high and we can comfortably operate the services for the next three months. The cruise is essentially a peek into the scenic beauty of the place which has hillocks and forest areas.”

The cruise is on a six-hour boat stretches 100 km river Krishna, where the leafy greenery visible mountain crossings and boat between the hills make it a wonderful experience. There are several packages that are available for people and are priced at Rs. 3,400 per adult and Rs. 3,000 per child. From Nagarjuna Sagar to Srisailam is also a way to travel to a single route package, which is priced at Rs.1,500 per adult.

In the separate state of Andhra Pradesh, there is a boat ride in Srisailam, which is within those precincts. Telangana cruise service will work for only three months because the water level will reduce and when water level going to touch 560 feet telangana cruise services have to discontinued.