Hyderabad Weather

Hyderabad Weather is dry and humid tropical unique, which is on the border of the semi-arid climate of the hot mixture.

Hyderabad Weather is still relatively warm for most of the year, and does not receive a large heavy rains of the monsoon. Hyderabad Weather With the arrival of winter in the northern and central India, and the temperature goes down slightly in December and January and the nights get very cold in and around the city of Hyderabad. During the summer months, Hyderabad Weather take a toll and the mercury rises to 42 ° C, while in winter the minimum temperature may drop to as low as 11 ° C June to November are the monsoon months, accompanied by precipitation. During the monsoon temperature down too often. Thus, for most parts of the year, Hyderabad Weather and the mild climate of Hyderabad remains to some extent, and you can visit the city of Hyderabad, at any time of the year but the best season to visit  Hyderabad is October and February.

Hot steppe climate type prevails over Hyderabad. Telangana region, which is located in Hyderabad is the most important part of the state during the summer and cold in winter. In Hyderabad Weather the average daily temperature varies from 30 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius from April to June and from 20 ° C to 24 ° C in December and January

Hyderabad Weather The maximum temperature of between 39 ° C and an average of 43 degrees Celsius in May. After the withdrawal of the monsoon, the maximum temperature will increase slightly due to increased insulation.

In Hyderabad Weather  the Average minimum temperatures are 13 ° C to 17 ° C in December and January, but rises to 26 ° C to 29 ° C in May. The minimum temperature falls rapidly after October, was recorded less than 10 ° C to individual day.

Hyderabad Weather it is The pleasant climate from November to February. The summer months of April and May are uncomfortable because of the oppressive heat. The period from July to September a warm, humid and uncomfortable. This is the most unpleasant season in Hyderabad, otherwise completely pleasant Hyderabad Weather all the year.

Rainfall – Hyderabad Weather 

And received more than 75 percent of rainfall during the season of southwest monsoon from June to September, July is the month when it rains. September is the month when there is rain. Southwest monsoon highlights June 7 The emergence of a sudden increase in precipitation of less than 5 percent (in annual leave) in May to 15 percent in June.


Humidity during the monsoon season is very high over 75% in the period from July to September. In the dry months of March, April and May, and the humidity is relatively low at a rate of 25-30%.

Clouds Hyderabad Weather 

June to October is the period that covers more than half the sky with clouds, while only about a quarter of the sky darkened from January to March. Half days in July and August were overcast. About 10 to 13 days in the months of January, February and March, the cloud sky on a clear day.