The story behind Hyderabad’s ‘Ghode Ki Khabar’

The story behind Hyderabad’s ‘Ghode Ki Khabar’ #Hyderabad has tombs, monuments for the departed high and mighty, and then, graves for horses too. Read this interesting report on #GhodeKiKhabar, an area named after the grave of a horse. Drive down from Mangalhat on the Aghapura road in the old city, and you will come across the statue of a horse abutting the Kausar Bakht Takiya graveyard. The spot is popularly known as ‘Ghode Ki Khabar’ – the grave of a horse. One more such grave is found in a lane at Mochi Colony in Tadban, which however has been damaged over time. At Ghode Ki Khabar, the statue is of a horse lying down and looking ahead, with some people the horse buried at the spot was saintly, while there is a more popular legend that says a saint who lived there had a horse as a pet, and when it died, the local people gave it a decent burial outside the graveyard. “Usually, animals are not buried in graveyards where human beings are laid to rest. But as the horse belonged to a saint, it was buried right outside the graveyard,” says Mateen Shareef, who runs a mechanic shop near the graveyard. The legend has been around for over 150 years, locals say, with the people organizing annual celebrations at the place where a ‘Nishan e- Mubarak’ (religious flag) is replaced. “A food camp for poor people is also organized at the place every year during the annual celebrations,” informs Niyazuddin, who runs a Marfa band shop near the spot.