TSRTC slashes metro combi-ticket price by ₹10

In view of several complaints from students regarding overcrowded ordinary buses, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) on Saturday reduced the metro combi-ticket price from Rs 20 to Rs 10 in the Greater Hyderabad zone. Combi-tickets were introduced several years ago by Metro Deluxe and Metro Express in an effort to help student bus pass holders travel one-way. This was done to reduce congestion on normal services. But, recently, several students across the city, including those traveling via Route 127, posted videos showing issues of heavy congestion on normal services. The congestion was so much that during peak hours it was posing a safety hazard to the commuters, especially the students. According to official documents, the cost of Metro combi-tickets was increased from Rs 10 to Rs 20 earlier this year. This resulted in a reduction in ticket sales, with fewer students opting to purchase it. More significantly, the move increased congestion on normal services. With the shortage of Metro combi-tickets, students will now have to pay ₹10 for a one-way journey on Metro services, apart from having student bus passes. ,