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What is Quarantine ? โ€“ (quarteen)

What is Quarantine? โ€“ Quarteen

This is a process where the movement or intermingling of people, goods or animals is restricted so as to control some disease or pandemic. This is often process used of quarteen to restrict and control the disease or pandemic which might spread easily if people infected with certain disease or pests intermingle it might spread virulantly with the new person or animal. Thus quarteen is suggested to prevent spread of disease and contain it at the last known infected level.Often quarteen is used to stop diseases which dont have medical diagnosis. The idea or method of quarteen / quarantine has been in practice since ancient times it is also mentioned by prophet mohammed saws, as the best method to contain a disease or virulant strain. The noted quarantines of modern histry is during the bubonic plague of the city of eyam in 1665 in england and east samoa during 1918 pandemic flu; the diptheria and smallpox outbreak, and specially the largest quarantine known to human world is during recent year covid 19 pandemic since 2020 where all countries have quarantined themselves within their borders and cities respectively.

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