Whatsapp Web – How to Use

How to Use Whatsapp Web

  • Open your browser and key in the address as http://web.whatsapp.com to use whatsapp web.
  • Once you have the browser in front you can see a QR Code visible
  • Now open your Mobile whatsapp which connected to internet
  • The Internet connection of mobile and desktop need not be same it can be different.
  • Once you open your whatsapp app on mobile on right corner you will find three dot menu.
  • Once you open the whatsapp menu you will find new group then new broadcast on the third line you will dinf whatsapp web, thats it, you are near.
  • once you click on whatsapp web on mobile whatsapp menu you will have QR code scanning screen
  • Now place your rear camera towards your desktop screen with QR code Scanning page on the desktop.
  • Once your Mobile cameras scans the code from the desktop your whatsapp web app on desktop will be opened with all your contacts and whatsapp chats. Bravo !!
  • Now chat in the same way as you would do from your mobile, the advantage is you have larger keyboard.
  • If you are using other desktops dont forget to logoff from whatsapp web desktop screen which is again above the contact list on the left of your screen.
  • Once you click it you will find logout option down under, click it and ensure your privacy is maintained.

Whatsapp web has voice call features and video features, now the latest release recalling any photo video or chat completely, which was not possible earlier. Earlier anything done on whatsapp was done, people were not able to recall the content be it video chat or voice. Now whatsapp has introduced the recall option.

Whatsapp  is the global leader in android and IOS based platform, the messaging app was taken by Facebook in a buyout and now it is a part of facebook enterprise. Now facebook even has a office in Hyderabad.