Who is Sergei Eisenstein

Sergei Eisenstein, Google Doodles continues to inform people about artists and innovators from generations, if not centuries earlier. This Monday (Jan. 22), the home page transformed to celebrate Russian artist and filmmaker Sergei Eisentein’s 120th birthday.

The late-19th century Sergei Eisenstein director is known as the father of montage filmmaking, by taking fast-paced sequences and slowing them down into short sequences that transcend time. Some of his most notable works include Battleship Potemkin, Strike, and The General Line — films that depict the struggle of the poor and working class against the ruling bourgeoisie.

The moving doodle sees the letters of Google depicted as rolls of film, as a defiant looking Sergei Eisenstein observes the negatives, donning a work shirt, overalls, and messy hair.